Friday, May 19, 2017

Multilayered clouds.

Just as the sun is setting a pilgrim and two donkeys come wandering through the village. Bob stands on his stump seat and watches. Sophie stands on her titanium rear legs and howls. The two donkeys ( or let's hope it's the two donkeys ) trail a pungent odour behind them. It lingers in the air. Bob and Sophie are of the opinion it's the Chanel #5 of odours. Their owners are less sure. The pilgrim continues through the village and sets up a tent in the middle of the traffic island at the 'T' junction where the main road snakes down into the valley. A strange place to choose to spend the night when there are fields and woods all around.

This morning its pouring with rain. Multi layered clouds cast a peculiarly Scottish greyness over our little corner of paradise. After their morning walk the angelic duo  are looking a little the worse for wear.  They are also ready for a day of indoors fun. No need to worry about irrigating the garden today.

Despite the rain there's much activity at the chateau. A small fleet of black, highly polished Mercedes vans arrive. The German billionaires will soon be here. The local tradesmen will be very happy.

The Dutch have such good taste in political scandals : 


  1. I loved the story about the King, particularly as I flew KLM for the first time a few months ago (who knows?).  On the other hand, we might not have the same reaction if the leader in the pilot seat were Donald Trump!

    I enjoyed yesterday's shot of mischevious Bob.  I agree it is a very PON-specific expression.  With Cherry at least, it seems primarily intended to ensure that whatever mischief she's into is duly noted and appreciated!

  2. Bertie would so love to live in a village traversed by pilgrims accompanied by smelly donkeys. Meanwhile I am wondering whether the Dutch king has piloted the Aberdeen to Amsterdam KLM route. Cheers,Gail.

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  4. We saw the report about the Dutch King last evening on the news here. There's something to be said and a lesson to be learned about anonymity - Something our president and your wandering pilgrims don't know much about.

  5. Hopefully Sophie didn't decide to do a little clearing up and recycling after the donkey passed by....
    Good to know that many of the young royals these days have "normal" day jobs, aside from their Royal duties.

  6. Such a good story about the Dutch king!
    What an odd place to camp for the night and with donkeys.
    But then your lovely village is no stranger to eccentrics.