Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hammer and sickle.

A morning spent gardening. The PONs watch Angus pull out weeds. Sophie eats them. Bob waits for something exciting to happen.

Bored with gardening we head off on a  trip to the greengrocers. The routine of walking across the parking lot interrupted by a dog guarding its owners car. The dog throws itself repeatedly against the passenger side window as the PONs pass. Ferocity is in the eye of the beholder. Sophie glares at it. 

A fourth election poster appears on the village bill boards.

The two Communist candidates photos make them seem somewhat humourless. Not often you see the hammer and sickle on display these days.

This young man has tweeted about what American Starbucks employees can do to the name Stuart. For once the comments are both witty and (largely) shareable: 


  1. The dog in the car has even more fur than the PONS. I hope it wasn't too hot a day, with him left in the car, even with the window open.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Must look into the policy differences between "Front de Gauche" and the outright Communists. Central planning? Personal property?

  3. The Starbucks comments are hilarious. And how clever of him, to put this so readers can click through to see publication information for his book on intelligence -- which sounds interesting, although I notice that one of the glowing reviews is by "Arthur Dent". Not sure how that comports with election candidates, but there's likely some overlap in there.

  4. In France, (my) Stuart is usually 'Stoo-arrd'. They don't struggle with my name. In fact, I have been bestowed the high honour of having a village dog named after me!!

    1. After a third attempt with 'Angus'' at a Starbucks in Palo Alto we mutually agreed on 'Chip '.

    2. In Palo Alto I would have guessed 'Dude' instead of 'Chip'. But then when that named was called, the entire store would have gone to the counter!

  5. I dislike seeing the dog left in the car. I truly hope it wasn't hot at that time. It is never wise to leave any pets in a car. They can die from the hear. They could be stolen. All those things have happened to others. I can't understand why people don't learn from others that this has happened to.
    Such a cute dog that was left in the car. If something had happened to the dog, the people would have been heart broken.

  6. There are only so many weeds you can pull up before Sophie has eaten enough, and Bob realises that nothing exciting is going to happen ! Maybe the trip to the greengrocers was more stimulating, especially the encounter with the poor dog left in the car.

  7. Bob always has such a lovely, sweet look. Sophie’s expressions often make me laugh.
    The “ferocious” dog in the car actually looks rather affable, maybe because I can’t see it hurling itself silly against the window.

  8. I am also unsettled by the picture of the dog left in a car. Even with the window open and if parked in the shade it can be way too warm and cause the dog distress. If it's in the sun it only takes minutes for the dog to go past the point of no return and endure a horrible death. Was it hurling itself against the window because it was panicking I wonder?
    According to a gendarmerie website if you see a dog left in the car in the sun you can smash the window as long as you take a picture to show the scene and there will be no prosecution for criminal damage but the dog owner faces prosecution for neglect.
    I don't know if the same situation exists in the UK, I wish it did.