Friday, May 12, 2017

While we are postponing, life speeds by.

It's a bit windy this morning. Bob would like to start his day with a reassuring tickle and a mano a mano. Not, of course, that he's in any way alarmed by the wind.

Sophie sees Bob getting attention. She decides she wants a tickle too. She yelps and barges her way in between Bob and his owner. The family diva makes it clear she's in a mood for adoration. 

Sophie is definitely not aware of the howling wind, she has the collar doves on her mind.

Angus checks to see how long the wind will last. A look at the morning weather forecast would have you believe the four horsemen of the apocalypse are coming to town. Lots of symbols showing lightning flashes and black clouds. Heavy hail is forecast. This is an improvement over yesterday when we were told to expect snow.

We've ordered some paint from the UK. Having waited in all day on Tuesday the delivery company's website suddenly announces '' Incomplete address " . The parcel is returned to the depot. Angus calls the shippers to point out that a) the address is correct b) they manage to deliver to the house at least once a week and c) the mobile phone number was on the parcel so the driver could call us with any problems. 'Incomplete address' is another way of saying we live too far out in the country to make it worth while delivering. 

Finally, after a number of 'forceful' phone calls a truck shows up with the paint. '' You'll have to get in the back and pick it up. It's too heavy for me to shift " says the burly thirty something driver. Angus wonders whether he should point out that two five litre cans of paint don't fall into the 'heavy' category but decides to bear this irritation in silence.

The village news sheet arrives in the letter box. Under the heading Security in the village there is a sentence informing the residents that people have been driving by the Salle des Fetes at excessive speeds. A one way system is being considered. Quite something in a commune of 67 inhabitants most of whom live in outlying farms. There are eleven houses in the village plus the chateau. 

The excessive speed relates to the family who have a Ford with lowered suspension and blacked out windows of a type much beloved by inner city drug dealers. The wife drives quickly but not excessively so. The husband by contrast is very Gallic in his driving habits scattering gravel and chickens as he accelerates past the war memorial. A quick 'chat' with the gendarmes might spare us the expense of installing yet more traffic calming measures.

This morning the garden resounds to the sound not only of collar doves but also of Nuthatches. . Sophie is not amused at thearrival of yet more feathered visitors. She has that determined ' While we are postponing, life speeds by ' look on her face.


  1. When we first bought our house here, we still lived in Belgium. We set up a bank account at la Poste and I wired money to it; we put all the bills on automatic payment. When we came back months later, there was no water. We called and discovered we were behind on the bill. Surprising, as it was to be paid automatically. I went to la Poste and discovered that the geniuses there had a question and didn't know how to contact us. As my husband said, if the Poste doesn't know your address, then who does? The wire transfer had been sitting in Poste limbo for months. They wouldn't call us because it was long distance. They didn't use email (Poste). We closed the account and insisted on getting the money in cash then and there (they said they would do another wire but that it would take a few weeks!). Anyway, there does seem to be a hangup about addresses here.

  2. At Christmas card time we've noticed that any error in the address such as the zip code being put on the wrong line ( a common issue with foreigners ) and the cards are returned to sender. Foreign parcels still excite the interest of the post lady.

  3. Your weather forecast has very dramatic icons!

  4. I love the look on Sophie's face in the final photo - she's so expressive! You won't die wondering with the Diva, do you!!

  5. You've just got to the love the French and their funny little ways, even the weather forecast has a Gallic charm. If it was all smooth running you'd have nothing to write about!

  6. Bob is not worried by high winds in just the same way as Bertie is not worried by high winds.

  7. Yes, Sophie is definitely wearing her "This girl's got attitude, so don't mess with me, and out of my way" look ! Bob, on the other hand looks as though he'll sit this one out - whatever it is !
    I'm always amazed at the amount of happenings in your little village of 67 souls.

  8. Our courageous Bob is not fazed by the wind! No, he is merely concerned with the safety of his flock.
    Sophie is concerned with the safety of the doves, such an angel!
    I am concerned with the well being of the US. I look forward to impeachment like a child looks forward to Christmas. Pam in NH

  9. Delivery services and their methods defy reason.
    Your bad weather icons are unsettling, a little on the order of “in the last days perilous times shall come.”
    On the bright side are Bob and Sophie’s wonderfully expressive faces.