Saturday, May 27, 2017

How practical !

Summer well and truly here. We head off down the hill. Bob and Sophie run ahead. They scatter the roosters on the village green who crow in annoyance. The little stream is flush to its banks with the last melt waters from the high mountains. The PONs try fishing for minnows by the waterfall. They are unsuccessful. Sophie lets out a 'frustrated' yelp. Bob gets soaked - and having decided this is fun - gets soaked again.

Still only one election poster on the noticeboards. Political exhaustion has clearly hit our little patch of paradise.

Both PONs are in a happy place. The lustre of Sophie's nose speaks volumes, Bobs smile says the rest. 

While the PONs sleep we go to a new restaurant in the market town. It's decorated in a retro chic meets abandoned warehouse style.  Angus thinks it would have been trendy in Vancouver twenty years ago. The restaurant has installed one of those electronic systems where the order is entered on an i-pad and sent directly to the kitchen. Quite something for France profonde. There are a few 'glitches' in the process. I get a well done steak, 'The Font' a grilled goats cheese salad. Not what we ordered but good enough. Why wait another half an hour ? All the waiters are tall and thin, have long beards and are averse to smiling. A very Mennonite look. Our waitress by contrast has a tattoo of five dolphins running (leaping ?) from her left eye brow across the bridge of her nose to the end of her right brow. Angus would really like to stare at the tattoo but decides against doing so. Both sexes wear baggy jeans and tee shirts with the motto '' Cloudy beer is for lovers ". Perhaps if you're twenty this means something. 

The heavy wooden tables run on casters set into rails along the floor. How practical ! 

Noticing the practicality of restaurant furniture is further proof I'm turning ( or have turned )  into my father.

Summer morning music :


  1. So great to see Bob and Sophie are on top form. Were they allowed in the new restaurant? I am wondering if there is a locking mechanism to stop unwanted movements of the tables on rails? I am envisaging an accidental nudge sending one food laden table into another, leaving behind surprised diners and perhaps crushing an unsmiling waiter in the process…
    PS Thanks you for providing perfect music for the morning after the bosses hen party!

  2. It sounds like a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Calif.! If you're Internet is anything like ours, you're lucky you got food at all!

  3. Looking forward to seeing who your REM candidate is. Bob and Sophie do indeed look happy...and their groomer has done a splendid job.

  4. While listening to "Summer morning music", I envisioned the pictures you posted on Monday. Bob and Sophie captured in balletic leaps around the garden! I am curious, does Sophie use the same fishing technique as Bob?

    1. Bob uses the raised paw brought down at right angles into the water technique. Sophie employs a more balletic stare at the fish then pounce approach. Neither PON has mastered refraction. The fish are completely safe.

  5. Your restaurant looks like it would still be in style here in Vancouver. You should do a video of the pons fishing, we would all enjoy it immensely. Cheers

  6. Wonderful to see two very happy and contented PONs, even if they didn't catch a single minnow.
    I have to say that the restaurant doesn't strike me as being the most inviting place - those stools look so uncomfortable. Remarkable restraint, Angus, refraining from staring at the dolphin-faced waitress - I don't think I would have been able to resist!

  7. I'm guessing that anyone who has their face tatooed would like to be stared at. Anonymity is probably not what she's seeking. i prefer the fresh happy faces of Bob and Sophie.