Monday, May 15, 2017

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!

The first really hot morning of the year. The PONs are up and about early. 

Bob and Sophie wait in the courtyard while I go to get the car keys. Bob does his best to hide his impatience. Sophie doesn't. She shifts from one foot to the other and stares.

After a slight disagreement between brother and sister over who should sit where, we head off to the bakers. 

A ten minute, windows down, drive into the little market town. Sophie recognizes where we've parked and lets out a hearty '' choux pastry crumbs " squeal. Bobs tail beats against the back seat of the car - thwump-thwump-thwump. Life with PONs is a life full of squeaks and squeals and thwumps. They are not a silent breed. We order our cakes. The PONs look angelic and get given some croissant slivers. As all PONs know ' Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity '. It is turning out to be the best day ever.

On our return from the bakers Bob opts for a quick snooze in the shade. Sophie heads to the kitchen in search of 'The Fonts' yogurt pot. The angelic duo have segued into their summer routine.

I hope you can access this article about Google and Amazon dogs :


  1. Gorgeous array of berry filled cakes today. Perhaps even the Font might be tempted to eat a whole piece!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I couldn't access the linked article.

  2. I'm afraid that the Financial Times wants me to subscribe before it's willing to show me the article on Amazon dogs, intriguing though they may sound.
    As ever, the baked goods look oh, so very tempting. Those would go a long way toward contributing to my best day ever.

  3. The PONs remind me of Snuffles, the 1960s cartoon dog of Quick Draw McGraw, who would float in the air when given a treat.

  4. I absolutely love your bakers photos!! Forbidden fruit to me, but beautiful eye candy! I would be squealing like Sophie for just a bite!! Merci!

  5. That Baccarat dessert looks very posh!

  6. The ROF in its late spring beauty is a lovely sight to behold.
    I also stare enraptured at the pastries.

  7. I'm surprised that someone hasn't started a tour just going from patisserie to patisserie in your little market town ! I'd definitely sign up !
    Alas, the FT want me to subscribe before I can access the article too.
    After such an exciting morning, Bob has the right idea.

  8. Glorious cakes. I am sure I gained a kilo just looking at the pictures.