Friday, September 15, 2017

Long ago ?

Sophie starts her day with a demonstration of ....

..... her hallmark zest for life. This is accompanied by sound effects.

En route to get the morning croissants we stop and look at the primary school menu. Today they are having Sausage and Patatouille followed by grapes. The children stand at the railings and wave at Bob and Sophie. The little ones are wearing blue smocks to keep their clothes clean. A peculiarly old fashioned touch.

We cut across the forecourt of the church.

A wonderful old 13th century barn of a thing. It has five arches on the facade. Could they have been altars ?

Can't think that I've ever seen a church with anything like this on the outside. There are traces of old corbels high up on the wall. Perhaps there was a cloister here before the wars of religion ?

At the cinema last night they had a late showing of another movie we've never heard of.

We'll get more news about Loic and his mother from Madame Bay this morning. 


  1. Love the church. There are so many hints of the past around that raise so many questions. I hated history in school but I love history of this kind.
    FIngers crossed for Loic and his mother.

  2. Every time I see Sophie prancing on her green carpet, exiting from behind a draped opening, I imagine her " doinging her little thing on the cat walk ". 'Tis the Season for fashion shows!!!

  3. Hari OM
    I love architecture - and there could be multiple reasons for having bricked up the arches - I suspect cloisters may e close to the mark... YAM xx

  4. Photos of Sophie--whether close-ups or action shots--always start my day with a chuckle. Lucky you walking through the courtyard of a 13th century church on your way to the bakery. Never heard of the movie Overdrive either nor of the actor "Scott" Eastwood. Make that Clint I believe.

  5. A friend who grew up on London and who emigrated to the US in the 60's told a funny story about traveling through the south of France. He and his wife were driving in Provence and it was raining hard. They decided to see a movie. The movie was a British film, "The Quartet." He said the Scottish brogues were so heavy, and his ear so out of practice that he watched it using the French subtitles. I'm sure you didn't need subtitles to watch Overdrive!

  6. I wonder if it's Sophie's habit of "recycling" that gives her such a zest for life? There must be something she does, that her quiet little brother doesn't !
    One of our Labs "recycled", and she, too, was full of energy and raring to go !

  7. Such interesting buildings. Living in a 'young' country, we don't have that history.