Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The height of excitement.

Sunshine alternating with clouds this morning. Angus mislays the car keys.

Sophie is ready to head off. She makes her displeasure at the delay evident.

Bob adopts a more forgiving approach to my absent mindedness.

Post breakfast Sophie glares at the yogurt pots and wills them to refill themselves. PON ESP doesn't work. After that she shreds some kitchen towel and trails it across the floor. If in doubt make a mess.

Outside, in the field opposite the front gate the farmer, the large mechanical digger and a Mitsubishi truck have shown up. The farmer wanders over and lets us know that Loic is still at the hospital.

The farmhands dig a hole, fill it with old wood and light a fire.

The PONs find this the height of excitement. Sophie lets out squeaks of frustration at not being able to join them.

https://twitter.com/henryfraser0/media. A heart warming book by a very brave young man. J K Rowlings wrote the foreword, most of the English rugby team were at the launch. A reminder that, in the true way of the world, most of those who can are happy to support those who can't. 


  1. What an incredible young man. Makes arthritic knees trivial.

  2. It's late here in Palo Alto but I've just read and reread his speech. It must have taken a lot of guts to find that determination and level of acceptance. A brave young man.

  3. Bob and Sophie can speak volumes without saying a word.

  4. Hari OM
    Heart melting for Loic... and swelling for HF - thanks for that link. YAM xx

  5. Thank you for the introduction to Henry Fraser.
    How thoughtful of the digger and farmhands to return and add excitement to the PONs’ day.
    A bit too much excitement here as Millie charged into the early morning darkness on Sunday, probably chasing a bear, and quickly returned with a 4-inch tear in her leg. She now has a dozen staples in the leg and is doing well. She’s taking full advantage of being the center of attention.

    1. Paws crossed for Millie's speedy recovery!

    2. A dozen staples ! I'm sure she is being treated like royalty and letting you know if she isn't.

    3. Wishing Millie a speedy recovery.

    4. Oh my! Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    5. Hari OM
      Oh Stephanie - glad I checked back a post to add my wishes for dear Millie's speedy recovery. As we say in Blogville... POTP on the go!!! (power of the paw). YAM xx

  6. Your first photo really captures the "angelic duo!"

  7. Reading about Henry Fraser restores one's faith in mankind.
    What a devoted son Loic is, we pray that his mother will recover and his world will be returned to normal.
    Refillable yogurt pots? In your dreams Sophie ! Won't that useless oaf of a brother do something about it?