Saturday, December 9, 2017


A dog owners morning routine. Bob has his harness put on and is told to go outside. He opts for lying in the doorway so that cold air can sweep through the house. Sophie flips on her back for a quick nap on the gravel in the courtyard.

There is a brief but intense moment of panic while both PONs look for Furry Fox. Non-dog owners won't understand the relief that sweeps through the cosmos when the angelic duo and Furry Fox are reunited.

Finally, we're all in our allotted places in the car. This morning the greengrocer has Jicamas from Mexico. We look at them but haven't got the faintest idea whether they're savoury or sweet or neither.

Longanes from Vietnam also make an appearance. The label says that they're related to lychees.

The delicatessen has a foreign cheese week. There is one British cheese - Old Leicester. Red Leicester I'd heard of but Old Leicester is a surprise. It proves to be dry and unappetizing. In this case it really is old Leicester. Now we know where British cheese goes to die. Bob and Sophie think it's delicious.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the not quite two metres artificial Christmas tree with 600 integral lights continues to glow away like Coney Island at Thanksgiving. It doesn't just glow. The Shenzen Christmas Tree Factory #5 has programmed it so that it periodically performs a light show. It switches itself off, then 50 lights at a time it comes back to life. When all 600 lights are on they flash orgiastically . '' Goodness '' says ' The Font' when observing this for the first time. Sophie is of the view that the artificial Christmas tree is related to the vacuum cleaner. She believes both of them to be Spawns of the Devil ! Best left well alone. Bob has discovered the seasonal joy of biffing the decorations with his nose.

St.Cecilias Day coming up. Here's a group of Swedish children with lots of naked lights. Being Swedish they are quite unimpressed by the singers black nail varnish :

Good to see Jack the Dog centre stage :


MOPL said...

Goodness indeed. The real question is can the space station see this wondrous light show?

WFT Nobby said...

Red Leicester is among the blandest and most boring of British cheeses. Cheese for people who don't actually like cheese in my view. If Old Leicester is a relative, no surprise it's dire. Of course only a few miles from Leicester is Colston Basset, where the best ever Blue Stilton, surely the top dog of the English cheese breeds, is produced. A much better choice for next time Angus!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Yes, jicama is savoury... kinda turnip. Longans are lush, but prefer lychee. Perhaps the brightness which kept me awake last night was the side glow emerging from DFP! YAM xx

Sheila said...

I think this ranks as one of your best trees. Isn't it about time for the nativity to appear?
Lovely boy, Jack.

Angus said...

The nativity has been found in the cellar and will appear on the 13th - the day when Christmas proper starts in Sweden. All the old Chrtistmas tree lights have also been found and are superfluous thanks to the new tree !

Emm said...

As an inveterate reader of labels, and someone who has been in that neighborhood, I am laughing out loud at "Shenzen Christmas Tree Factory #5" and its light activity.
That cheese does not look very appetizing.

Coppa's girl said...

We may laugh, but the tree does look very effective in the photograph, Angus. It suits that spot in the ROF. Perhaps the light show is a touch untraditional but well, the "Shenzen Christmas Tree Factory #5" possibly has no idea what Christmas is all about.
Jack is probably looking serious because he's trying to calculate how long he needs to work before he retires on full pension !

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

The black nail polish pales in comparison with the eye makeup!

Angus said...

You might be right.

Lyon d’claresval said...

Jicama is usually eaten like carrot sticks. Raw, neutral flavor, a tiny bit sweet, nicely crunchy.