Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A better class of passenger.

'The Font' heads back to Scotland. At the airport the Brussels Airlines gate agent says '' You've been moved from the emergency exit row to the back. A better class of passenger wanted your seat ". 'The Font' thanks the young man for his candour. He looks back 'blankly'.

Off with the PONs into the little market town.  A coffee at the bar that was written up in the New York Times as the '' Best cafe in France ''. The author clearly never tried the coffee.

An Italian film coming to the local cinema. We'll Google the movie to see if it's worth seeing. There something slightly depressing about the poster that hints at cinema noir.

Bright and clear when we arrive ....

..... but strangely cloudy when we go.

On our way back to the car we detour via the band stand. Bob christens it. Sophie races round it chasing something invisible that only she can see. She does three complete circuits.

This is a definite 'win' : https://e360.yale.edu/features/after-a-400-year-absence-waldrapp-rare-ibis-returns-to-european-skies


  1. There's something of Sophie on a bad hair day about the northern bald iris.

  2. It is a pretty little village. Glad it got christened.

  3. Ultralights have been used to guide Whooping Cranes from their breeding grounds in the north down to the Gulf of Mexico for the winter. I believe there's a pretty stiff fine for shooting one. Odd that there's such a controversy about using technological means to save the Woldrapp.

  4. I see that Grey Lady Exceptionalism continues unabated. I seriously dislike that kind of bad travel writing, saying that one small example is the best of a very large and clearly uninvestigated number.
    Your post from yesterday reminds me, with its lovely description of gentle people, that there is good in the world. I've reread it a couple of times now.
    p.s. Surely "The Font" is the best class of passenger the airline could have.