Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pure vocal joy.

Our day starts, as every day with PONs starts, enthusiastically.

We wander round to see the Very Old Farmer. Despite the early hour the district nurse is there.  She comes at seven to get him up, returns at noon to oversee his lunchtime medicine  and is back at eight to make sure he's safe for the night. In between the meals on wheels lady and the housekeeper pop in to keep him company. This, the matron at the old folks home tells me, is 60% more cost effective than having him come into the residence. ' And he's much happier being in his own home ' she adds.

Sophie stands at the gate and is decidedly miffed that she can't get to see the old man. Our fiercely independent diva rather enjoys the tickles she gets.  His tone of voice when he sees her is not dissimilar to pure vocal joy. The restorative power of dogs should never be underestimated.

In the greengrocers peppered cashews appear alongside the curried variety. We buy some raw cashews for a curry. They need to soak for six hours but they end up tasting like chicken.

The PONs are oblivious to the fact that we're at the bakers early. The cakes still being made. There are however croissant crumbs. a bowl of water and ear scrunches.

Doves, pigeons and egrets busy searching for food amid the corn stalks in the field across the road. The PONs get out of the back of the car, see the interlopers and charge. The birds fly to one corner of the field followed by their four legged pursuers. Bob is wearing his '' that showed them who's boss ' face when he comes back home. The birds seem quite unconcerned.

So starts the best day ever.

Things to make you think on a Wednesday morning :


  1. Hari Om
    Humans receive from their animals something imperceptibly more than from any other human - if only that healing essence could be bottled! YAM xx

  2. Nice of you to visit the old Farmer. It is a good plan to keep people at home as long as they are coping and with a significant cost reduction too. My mum got free home help for two hours a day to help her to bathe and do some cleaning, as my dad needed a break from 24 hour caregiving. She only needed a care home for the last month of her life which was free.

    Julie Q

  3. I have been thinking that the Old Farmer's situation was improving, with plans for travel, etc. I hope the Belgian Lady helps to keep his spirits up too. District Nurses are the backbone of French medical care it would seem.
    I find Mr. Smithson difficult to follow, such a fast talker. Congress and the President are poised for another fight over how much to spend on the border wall as the FY 19 Budget approval fast approaches. We are frequently informed about the drop in crossings, but Mr. Trump doesn't want to hear the facts. Too busy lashing out at Omarosa.

    1. This is The Very Old Farmer as opposed to The Old Farmer. the first is of an indeterminate age ( but thought to be in his 90's ), the second a sprightly 86 - made younger by the attentiveness of the Belgian lady.

  4. Mr. Bob's beard looks as if he might have been indulging in The Font's curried cashews.
    Aside from the sheer human decency, the cost factors of your system as opposed to capitalist free-for-alls where the richest get care and devil take the hindmost are a strong argument for universal healthcare. Not that I expect to see it in the US in my lifetime.