Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dogs in politics.

Bob and Angus sit at the side of the lake and discuss Australian politics. Angus thinks five prime ministers in as many years is going some. Bob listens, leans against me and is soon asleep. Sophie trots up proudly holding a dead shrew in her mouth and drops it on the ground so that I can see how clever she's been. The wee animal looks as though it's just fallen asleep. Not a mark to be seen. She then digs a hole under a willow tree and hides it .

Off to the market town. We think about sitting in the shade but as the sun is only just up and it's still cool we opt to sit outside. The PONs slump under the table, share some of their masters croissant and lightly snooze.

Not a good idea.  Shaggy dogs attract children ...

.... and other dogs. Thankfully, the long haired dachs wanders past before Sophie has a chance to challenge him.

Onto the butchers for a rack of lamb

... and then to the little bakers stall in the covered market for bread and croissants.

The first time I've seen a political campaign using dogs. A canine march on parliament :

This is a new type of rucksack that claims to literally take the weight off your back. Hs anyone ever see one ?


  1. The Wooferendum sounds like a great idea.
    I saw video of that floating backpack / rucksack the other day -- I wouldn't want to follow one on the trail, because of the odd optics, but it sounds like a good solution for carrying weight. It probalby needs some field testing -- are your college-age friends planning any walking trips soon?
    I like those little cakes each with a single strawberry.

    1. A Wooferendum sounds a great idea but I'll skip taking Bob and Sophie ! The dogs would love it but stress levels elsewhere might run high !

  2. Bertie has always wanted to visit London and would love to attend the Wooferendum!

  3. As Australians living in France, we watch from afar. Along with all our Aussie friends, we are disgusted, ashamed and embarrassed by australian politicians. Won't be going back until they grow up.

    1. Don't be too hard on Australian politicians. They still have some way to go before reaching the level of their Brit cousins !

  4. Hari Om
    Okay - I got vertigo watching that video... yeauch...

    I spy coffee icing - yeauch again...

    Things in Aussie politics fell apart severely with the routing of Rudd. He was that rare thing, a pollie with integrity and he achieved much that was positive for the people of OZ. Politics doesn't like integrity though, so then the she-snake Gillard struck him aside and the rot began. Doesn't matter what side of the table, not a one of them impresses me as worth their salt and as for the current fella. Well... yeauch x 87...

    Sitting outside to ponder the perils of global politics is not an option here at the Hutch. You can guess why. Yeauch beyond measure! YAM xx

  5. No eclairs? A rack of lamb sounds tasty.

    As kiwis we are amazed by Australian politics too. In fact we don't understand what is going on in the US either.

  6. Don't feel bad. We in the US don't understand it, either.

  7. I'd love to discuss politics elsewhere besides here - Maybe I wouldn't feel such a strong sense of doom. Especially with the loss of John McCain's voice.