Thursday, April 15, 2021

Devils spawn.


The pool man is here all day. 

Sophie closely monitors the laying of the new grey liner from a safe position in the middle of the lawn.

In the afternoon she moves so that the sun is behind her. Her gaze remains unyielding. You can never be too careful with builders.

When he goes the pool man leaves a pump to remove any trapped air bubbles from the liner. Sophie is not at all taken with this. It makes a sound like the vacuum and must be some sort of related devils spawn. The machine has to be left on all night. Sophie gives it a wide berth on her sorties into the garden.

This morning I notice that ten bags of salt have been stacked at the side of the pool. These weren't here last night and must have been delivered very early. 

This isn't the jelly your mother used to make :

These manage to be stylish and practical and small enough to fit in the back garden of the wee house :

So basic but so necessary :


Lisa in France said...

Nice that the pool will be done in time for the swimming season! I am absolutely overwhelmed by today's links. I had no idea that fancy jellies were a thing in the UK. They are a very important part of the summer culture in Japan, along with ghost stories and fireworks. If Benham and Froud are ever looking for a new market . . . I also loved the home office pods. Although they are probably a bit pricey, I can imagine them catching on here in the land of rabbit hutch homes if they can come up with a balcony-sized version. Families could put Dad out on the balcony along with the washing machine. (If Japan really wants to make remote work a reality!) And as to the Pulltaps, I found a lovely copper version on Amazon - never too soon to begin one's Christmas shopping for that hard-to-satisfy individual.

WFT Nobby said...

Such a beautiful scene - Sophie amid the daisies on the lawn, with a backdrop of the ever glorious wisteria.
Gail (who is just envious of your swimming pool and also amused at the photo of the stylish homeworking pod placed beside a pool on the Harwyn website and surely calculated to distract from one's office work. Perhaps not the ideal background for that serious Zoom call...)

Coppa's girl said...

Lovely second photo of Sophie - she's right to keep an eye on that pump. Who knows what devious ideas it might have if left unattended?
Pools here are mostly tiled with those little glass mosaic tiles. Mine is, and has an automatic cover, which when it rains heavily, needs to be cleared using a small submersible pump. Inca sits and stares at it too, and when it's working, it's definitely considered to be the spawn of the devil! Even when it's stored away beside the pool, she gives it a dirty look and a very wide berth!
Love the homeworking pod - very much better than an upmarket shed at the bottom of the garden! Quite pricey to ship one from Oz, but perhaps they'll branch out?

Camille said...

Interesting concept for tiny home/office pods. Sadly, our town zoning board (and most other towns around here) would give a big thumbs down and resounding no to the idea. However, we have neighbors who own a big shiny Airstream RV travel trailer. For years they've used it to comfortably travel back and forth from their Florida home to their New Hampshire residence every spring and fall. However, it's really a clever set up for their home office and amateur ham radio hobby. It amuses me to realize that they seem to have legally and shrewdly figured out the home office pod concept way ahead of the curve.

The pool is looking good and Sophie, as always, delightful.

Fay said...

Sophie, ever wise, knows when to keep her distance! I don't always comment, but I especially enjoy The Diva's photos. I add that I would take the "simpler" home office 1; it appears to be an upgrade from my current quarters.

sillygirl said...

The home office coupled with a tiny home next to a pool would be wonderful!

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

In the second photo the shadows from the trees cast flower borders on the lawn, with Sophie in the center circle, surrounded by the colors of your lovely garden! Oh, how it draws me in to the setting.

rottrover said...

The grey pool liner will make for a beautiful scene when the pool is filled. Will you have a salt water pool? I have friends who have one (with solar heater) and the salt water is lovely to swim in. One is a little more buoyant. and I'm sorry, but is "jelly" the same as our Jello here in the US?