Monday, April 19, 2021

Dripping Springs

A quiet weekend. Three walkers pass the house on Sunday . So do four tractors and five cars. The PONette greets each and every one.

Sophie starts her Monday digging under a bush and spreading the dirt across the pool tiles. She gives me that ' What's it to you?' look.

Sophie is altogether more charming when she trots into the kitchen to join me for breakfast. Nothing like a yogurt pot to gain my canine companions undivided attention.

A good forty five minute walk follows. Nothing passes us.

The Euphorbia springing up in the verges. How the year is moving along.

At the end of our Monday morning circuit of the village Sophie spies an impudent C-A-T. Impudent C-A-T has enough sense to head off at high speed.

This hotel, next to Malmesbury Abbey, traces its roots back to 1220. We used to stay there 40 years ago but on a more recent trip 'The Font' found that it had gone downhill.  It has been bought by a couple from Dripping Springs, Texas ( what a wonderful name ) who are going to give it a 'refresh'.

A quick Google search of  Dripping Springs turns up this rather charming website. Seems you could spend a weekend there contentedly imbibing  :

A poem that was one of the highlights of the last week :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Next to oor darlin' heilan coos, I think the Longhorns have immense charm... I leave it to others to ponder other Texas charms and how that might translate to Wiltshire... YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

"Snow is recast as seed heads, and thistle down". Our Poet Laureate did Prince Philip proud.
Meanwhile, I look at the Dripping Springs website and am reminded that in a non-pandemic world I would have been joining some American friends cycling around the Hill Country near Austin earlier this month. Sigh...
Cheers, Gail (and ear scritches to Sophie of course).

rottrover said...

Oh Gail! Next year for sure. It looks like a beautiful place to explore.

rottrover said...

That poem! I have goosebumps. A beautiful tribute to our fathers' generation.