Saturday, April 10, 2021


The  village teenagers, stranded at home due to the lockdown, spend much of the afternoon hurtling up and down the lane on their motorbikes.  They race from the 'T' junction at one end of the village to the 'Y' junction at the other. It isn't so much the noise ( although why French motor bikes don't have silencers is a question I'd love answered ) but the fact that none of them wear helmets that Angus finds irresponsible. This incomprehension of teenage recklessness and inability to follow rules another sign I've turned into my father. 'The Font' takes the view that we should be feeling sorry for the parents who face another three weeks of school closure . No wonder they're keen to have their offspring out of the house and racing, helmetless, through the village.

The Old Mayor stops his car to let us know that he has had his second jab. He and his wife drove down to the medical centre yesterday and were given their doses by the young doctor who plays in the local rugby team. ' A bit abrupt but he was efficient'.  They were allowed to go in together and neither has had any pain or discomfort since. The mayors wife has had umpteen hip replacements and there was some nervousness about how she would respond to the vaccine. If anyone reads this blog in a hundred years time it should be noted that this news is relayed to me with childlike happiness by our octogenarian neighbour . Joy amid a pandemic.

Another sign I've turned into my father. Some new door mats are delivered. When did the world of plain jute matting become so hip ? Generations of PONs have slept at the front door - nose out, rump in - on these dirt absorbing products but only Sophie gets to sleep on turquoise  :


WFT Nobby said...

The hip-ness of jute matting had quite passed me by. Once again, thanks to this blog for keeping me abreast of such important matters.
Cheers! Gail.

Taste of France said...

Very chic doormat! Nothing but the best for Sophie.
I have an old-fashioned brown doormat that's embellished with a black croix occitane. You'll be amused where I got it: IKEA in Toulouse.
I'm with you on the helmets. A neighbor girl crashed her bicycle on a steep hill, hitting her head against a wall, and had to be helicoptered to Purpan, days in the ICU, the entire village held its breath. A motorbike accident could be far worse. The girl is OK now, but it was a very close call.

Coppa's girl said...

I'm not mentioning Sophie's new turquoise jute mat to Inca - she'll only want one too! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the black rubber-backed one we have now, and it doesn't absorb moisture.
Teenage motorbikes are irritatingly noisy here, too - and lots of youngsters ride them. Most bikes are under 50 c.c. so permissible for those under age to be allowed out on the road. At least most of the riders seem to be kitted out in full motorcycle leathers and helmets, but there is always the odd one who defies convention.

Lisa in France said...

Well, as your first PONette, Sophie clearly deserves a turquoise mat. I can imagine it becomes her very well and am looking forward to the photos of the mat in situ. Your news about the Old Mayor makes me very happy - you've painted such a vivid picture of the Mayor and his wife over time that one can only share in their joy.

Tigger's Mum said...

Loud motorbikes? That might be a Mediterranean thing, as helmetless appears to be (and not just the teenagers). What upsets us most here (and the unreasonable noise upsets us mightily but...) is helmetless adults transporting helmetless toddlers (sitting fore AND aft) on motorbikes.
We adore the shadow of your pollarded plane tree.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Yes, it was the shadows of the trees that delighted me today! though I am also impressed that Sophie gets such a fine jute mat... YAM xx