Thursday, April 22, 2021

Open ?

The radio hints that the government lockdown will be lifted on May 5th. After that we'll be able to go more than six miles from our front door without a permit. Bars and restaurants might open up mid-month in readiness for the tourist season and flights to the UK could start up again in June. This optimism is welcome although, based on the latest figures, misplaced. The number of cases is still running at an obdurately high  forty thousand  a day. We are set for our second jab on May 4th although this may be sensibly delayed for a couple of weeks so that more folks can get their first dose.

For the PONette lockdown is wonderful. A family on call 24/7. Walks, tickles and treats on demand. This morning Sophie demonstrates her ' Stare at a door long enough and it will open ' technique. She then licks clean 'The Fonts' yogurt carton followed shortly after by Angus's. There is then time for a quick nap followed by some playful savaging of Wooly Mammoth.

The first flowering of the Wisteria past its best. The fronds starting to lose their colour. Angus has been up a ladder trimming wayward tendrils. After a thorough pruning all the shutters once again open and close without being obstructed by foliage. Sophie considers ladder climbing to be an intriguing pastime that requires close monitoring.


A new hotel in a train on a bridge :


Lisa in France said...

Wow, I would never have guessed from that first photos that the wisteria is past its best - just gorgeous! We are thinking of ordering a woolly mammoth for Charlie for Christmas, given it has the Sophie seal of approval. His current favorite is a brown warthog he inherited from Cherry, but I don't think it's going to make it until December. I highly approve of today's hotel offering - I will dream about it as we enter our third state of emergency in Tokyo. Our current state of "quasi-emergency" is almost identical to our last "state of emergency," but it is having far less impact. People are out and about, and our neighborhood seems to be developing a reputation as a place where many restaurants break the rules (which aren't really rules but only requests). With the "Golden Week" holidays kicking off next week and the UK variant running rampant, the government is facing a challenge trying to regain people's attention.

WFT Nobby said...

I too thought the wisteria in the first photo was still looking gorgeous. Both Bertie and I are experiencing WME (that's Wooly Mammoth Envy). The train hotel concept is intriguing and appealing, although if one wants to spend time on a stationary train I can recommend a few train journeys in the UK where in normal times this can be experienced at no additional cost...
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

Yes, I thought the wisteria looked superb too, in that first photo.
Oh Sophie, still no sign of the refillable yoghurt pot? What with that, and builders who don't bring Jaffa cakes, it's a miserable life sometimes - but cheer up, you do have the undivided attention of your humans!
Had my second jab on Monday, and as predicted I didn't receive the special treatment I had the first time - not that I'm complaining. In spite of the greatly increased numbers, it didn't take long and I barely had time to queue, being in the first batch. Whilst we were all waiting the obligatory fifteen minutes afterwards, the second wave to be vaccinated came marching up the corridor. There must have been 30 or 40 of them forming a tight queue. When we were allowed to go, we had to push through those waiting and the nurse in charge (the one who was less than five feet tall, had a very loud voice, but had "the list"!) shouted to all of us to keep 2m apart. Rather difficult in a corridor roughly 1&1/2 metres wide! This must happen every time, but I don't suppose it matters much once we've all been vaccinated.