Sunday, April 4, 2021

The local remedy.

A perfect Easter morning. The sun rising as we set off round the village. By the time we've greeted the goats and donkeys - and the two horses in the field by the churchyard - we're walking along under an almost cloudless blue sky.  Today is vaccination day .

The strawberry lady has started picking Gariguettes. We buy four punnets. For the next month we'll have them for breakfast every day. Even though it's barely gone seven there's a line of cars at the farm gate. All are large, shiny SUV's with 75 registration plates. Parisians all.  We wait for them to leave before we venture out.

The pollen thick this morning. A carpet of the stuff on the breakfast table. Angus starts to sneeze and there are no hay fever tablets in the house. 'The Font' heads off to the pharmacy. Seems Angus isn't the only one suffering. This year the pollen levels are abnormally high and they've sold out completely of antihistamines. ' We'll be getting a delivery in on Tuesday . I've never known anything like it. Everyone came in at once ' says the lady behind the counter. As an alternative she recommends a local remedy - which she claims will solve the problem . This turns out to be a dark gelatinous treacle like product made from wild plantain. Words cannot describe the taste.
It also has the surprising side effect of being a ferocious and quick acting laxative - or perhaps purgative might be a better description.  'Takes your mind off a runny nose' says 'The Font'.

The colour, the music and the camera angles. This could only be Easter in Moscow :

For those unsung heros carrying on, unrecognized,  in difficult circumstances - here's a rather lonely organist playing Handel at the empty Kirk in Chennai on a blisteringly hot Easter Sunday morning :


WFT Nobby said...

What a splendid sight the ROF is this Easter morning. I hope the vaccine side effects are less drastic than the local hay fever remedy. (The latter a useful reminder that 'natural' does not necessarily equate to harmless...)
Happy Easter from Gail and Bertie.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
....oh good grief, this should have come with a warning; 'do not be drinking hot tea when reading about The Font's response to Angus' reaction to remedies' ... the snorting of scalding liquid does nothing for the keyboard - even with its silicone cover... Anyway, that's you primed for the jab. And look at those strawberries... !!! YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

It seems the day can only get better for Angus!

Jean said...

Most of the old family remedies we were obliged to use had unexpected side effects on the constitution, the best deterrent ever to being ill.

Coppa's girl said...

My goodness Angus, I think a dose of hay fever may be preferable to the local remedy, in spite of what 'The Font' may say! Are all those taking it also afflicted in the same way? Would wearing your mask help relieve the symptoms, rather than taking the remedy? I hope you recover in time to have your jab later today.

Camille said...

Well, one could venture that the old fashioned spring purgative has made you all nice and tidy, inside and out, as you receive your first jab. Talk about side effects! This fellow hay fever sufferer extends sympathy until the antihistamines return on Tuesday.

Wishing you, the 'Font', and dear Sophie a very Happy Easter.

Sharon said...

Eating local Honey is supposed to help with allergies but I have only found a slight improvement. The garden is lovely. We are still in the land of Frozen though the snow has melted. Happy Easter.