Saturday, May 1, 2021

Boom !

Cool and cloudy. Perfect conditions for a long walk with Sophie. Down the ox track and then across the fields to the stream and the small waterfall. The weather has brought out magical smells in the long grass so our progress is of the 'fits and starts' variety.

The first solitary Poppy of the year makes an appearance at the edge of the wheat field.

For the French no less than four bank holidays in May. With so many we're never quite sure when the shops will be open or closed.  'The Font' heads off to the click and collect to stock up with anything we might need . Mid afternoon there's a huge bang. It sounds as if someone has fired off a shotgun. Angus checks the house and then goes down to the cellar to see if the boilers exploded. Everything's fine. All I can imagine is that one of the Rafale fighters from the Mont de Marsan airbase a hundred or so miles away must have gone supersonic and what I've heard is its sonic boom. France has sold the Indian government thirty six of the things and they're for ever passing over on test flights. This is the first time we've ever been bothered by such a window rattling boom. Sophie is quite unperturbed.

Strawberries from the strawberry lady and then time for Sophie to have a long restorative nap.

 These Irish donkeys are enjoying their first 'excursion' of the year :


Fay said...

The first photo reminds me that soon you and the Diva may take longer walks, farther from home. The third photo reminds me that we seem destined to repeat our historical mistakes. The final photo is quite endearing——something about the snout....Happy May Day.

Coppa's girl said...

Similar weather here too, though overall the forecast isn't promising. Late this morning we'll take a walk along the promenade, and Inca can sniff to her heart's content.
I should imagine that humans will react in a very similar way to the donkeys, when all restrictions are lifted and the pandemic is finally laid to rest. What a glorious day that will be for us all!

WFT Nobby said...

I've never before seen donkeys shift like that. Adorable.
Sub-zero temperatures here in Aberdeen first thing this morning. Welcome to May!

Angus said...

Yes, my brothers have been full of complaints about bitter northerly winds , sub zeri temperatures and late harvests. Mark you they say this every year.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yup, the Bonny Land is shining but steely! I too loved the joy of the donkeys - and gazing upon those strawberries... YAM xx

Anonymous said...

I heard a similar "boom" yesterday afternoon, and whatever it was, it knocked out our power at our house and half our town - Its been out for nearly 24 hours now. I'm at my office recharging our "devices" in case we have another long/quiet night.

Kim - Life at Golden Pines

Stephanie said...

The first picture is enchanting. As is Sophie's sweet face. I've enjoyed each and every picture of your wisteria and am pleased to announce - ta-da - that our wisteria has bloomed for the first time. Though lovely, it will never equal the beauty of your wisteria.

Angus said...

And ours has just about lost the last of the petals in this - its first - flowering .