Monday, April 26, 2021

What greater start ?

Sophie is harnessed up and in the back of the car for our daily  trip to the strawberry farm. We  manage to get there before any of the pushy Parisians in their large silver Mercedes show up. The strawberry lady tells me that her sales are down 45% but her outgoings are down even more.  Having three teenagers at home during lockdown keeps productivity up and wage costs low. What the teenagers think of this is not said.

Overnight the village has become home to three new inhabitants. What happier start to the week could there be ? 

 Once you start scrolling this wild flower website  becomes strangely addictive :
and this Borders garden hosts the remarkably named Yellow Rattle :

Whoever thought this Icelandic story would become popular ? One of Netflix's pandemic pleasures and now nominated for an Oscar :

Half of the UK's ambassadors are women. This lady in Beijing  manages to combine subtlety with the political. Who could object ? :


WFT Nobby said...

Our Lady in Beijing is brilliant. Thanks for the link. Love the wildflower meadows too, although as a sometime volunteer with Plantlife, the organisation behind the website, I am disappointed in the lack of representation for Aberdeenshire and will be having a friendly word with our local Plantlife Scotland officer Gwenda to see if that can be rectified.
Cheers! Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

I've saved the wildflower meadows website to enjoy later, at my leisure, and don't doubt after my quick look a few minutes ago, that I'll refer to it often.
Indeed a good start to the week for you and Sophie, Angus, with freshly picked strawberries and some new calves to welcome. A much better start than ours - after an overnight storm with continual thunder, fork lightening and heavy rain, it's finally light enough to see our murky, washed out surroundings. No walk for us yet, it's still pouring down, but at least the thunder and gale force winds have died down. And this is sunny Spain!!

Lisa in France said...

I also thought the ambassador was pretty spectacular. Caroline Kennedy was the US ambassador to Japan from 2013 until 2017, the first time a woman held the post. She didn't speak Japanese but was pretty great in other ways. There hasn't been a US ambassador in Japan now since 2019. I am curious to see who Biden will appoint and hoping it will be someone a little disruptive. I enjoyed reading about the Yellow Rattle and seeing the beautiful new inhabitants.

Jean said...

We love the Eurovision film. We should watch it again, thanks for reminding me it's still available on Netflix!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well of all the fields in all the land you picked Henderland... Cappercleuch and Dryhope were shepherding lands for my late grandfather and uncle, prior to moving to Hawksnest (by Allanshaws)... and who doesn't love a newborn animal of any description?! YAM xx