Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Endless light.


Much brighter in the mornings  now. We've passed the point in the year when this  little northern town is shrouded in sixteen hours of darkness. We're now fast heading towards the time of endless day. The rose bushes and peonies are putting out their first new growth . We're still waiting to hear when the landscape gardener plans to start work. " All the bad weather's shot my timetable tae pieces " he informs me without providing any clues as to when he might appear. We get an e-mail from the snooty French kitchen company saying they're free to come and quote on some work we wanted done. They will be surprised when I tell them we moved back to the UK in 2022. 

In the harbour a solitary curlew. A gull watches it breakfasting on whatever lives in the mud flats.

Further down the beach a group of students are returning from an early swim. Another group play touch rugby. Dog owners walk by doing their best to ignore these youthful high jinks. The students are of course oblivious to the presence on the beach of anyone over the age of 30. Two terriers try to get involved in the game of touch rugby but are ignored.

Overnight the flower planters down by the lobster creels bursting into life. It's not only the students who sense that Spring is on the way.

A rather unappetizing selection of cakes on display .  They're too sophisticated for Angus. One of them contains fennel.  Not a taste to be conjured with before eleven.

An Indian restaurant informs potential customers that the buffet is available from 5:00 to 9:30. It adds  ' buffet uplifted 9:15 '. Wouldn't it be easier to say that last orders are at 9:15 ? There's something strangely old fashioned about the word 'uplifted '. 

Don't know where I saw this chart but those Scandinavians are sure all clustered together as self-expressive secularists :

This mornings radio music. The broadcaster is clear that this is the best version ever :https://youtu.be/fa9TK0nQDZ8?t=74


WFT Nobby said...

That's hilarious about the snooty French kitchen company.

jabblog said...

I don't agree with the radio broadcaster.

Lisa in France said...

I was interested to see that so many countries rank self-expression higher than the US does - I wouldn't have expected that. The bird story was interesting but not surprising in light of my experience this morning. We usually have breakfast together with our 30-year old pionus parrot, who has her own placemat and gets a little plate of vegetables and fruits. My husband isn't here today, and when I first brought her to the table she looked around and then went off to the kitchen to look for him. Only when she was satisfied that he wasn't around, she came back and ate. It's kind of the reverse of what the article discusses.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...for his generation Rubenstein may have provided the best interpretation...but I have never particularly liked his heavy style...YAM xx

sillygirl said...

We just started watching One Day and I think it is the version you saw although I noticed when I googled the name there are four different programs by that name - two Asian movies and one American series. The one we are watching takes place in Scotland and the U.K.. I think we will like this one best.

sillygirl said...

The American one is not a series but a movie.

Diaday said...

With your way with words, you could have some fun with your response to the snooty French kitchen company.

Travel said...

I wouldn't know what was meant by "uplifted." In context I would think, they start taking items off of it at that time. A simply complicated language.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

I love the first and third photos. The jonquils make me happy!