Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Love is in the air.


Another beautiful day although the forecast says it will soon get cooler and cloudier. The flock of skittish curlews have discovered the lake in the potato field. This morning they ignore us as we leave the courtyard. The silt and mud seem to be greatly to their liking.  We're in town early for a brisk walk and a visit to the bookstore before heading  to Edinburgh for a check up with the eye doctor. The car now knows its way to the hospital.

At this time of the day the streets are quiet although there are a few students out and about. They have the harried look of folk rushing to the library to complete term papers that were due last night.  The woman who owns and runs the trendy restaurant stops stops for a wee chat. She tells me she's hoping to squeeze in not two but three dinner sittings tonight. Extra champagne stocks have been brought in. The new cocktail bar behind the old Post Office opened last night. It was very popular. The £5 oysters and £11 cocktails were magnets for the party crowd. 

The bakers window is luxuriantly decorated with Valentines Day goodies. A large(ish) pink cake with the motto ' Be Mine ' has pride of place. This sounds ever so slightly passive aggressive for a cake decoration.  What it lacks in passion it makes up for in succinctness.

More of the 'Be Mine ' cakes can be found inside . There are also some cakes with a less authoritarian ' I love you' piped in white icing on top of them. Despite the early hour Angus likes the look of the chocolate option although they don't look big enough to share. 

After a slow start the  £1.30  heart shaped biscuits have largely gone. For cost conscious suitors these have clearly been the love tokens of choice. 

Even the  fudge buns are topped with amorous  pink and white icing. Love is in the air !

This mornings radio music as we head back up the hill :


Liz Hamblyn said...

I am of an age to remember when a dozen oysters were an affordable treat. 12 for NZ$6 back in the 1970's. Which translates to $NZ44 today and converts to 22 pounds sterling. Having looked at current oyster prices for a dozen, in NZ, without shell they range in price from mid NZ$40 upwards depending on supply. Buying one oyster at a fish and chip shop is about NZ$3 (1.45 pound)..

WFT Nobby said...

Beautiful music this morning.
I think I would avoid going for a 'romantic' meal at a trendy restaurant where the waiting staff might be continually hovering and hurrying us along, American style, so that another sitting could be fitted in.
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

The baker has certainly embraced St. Valentine's Day with heart and soul!
I'm with Gail about that extra sitting. Surely the idea of a romantic evening is to take time to gaze across the candlelight at one's loved one, not be rushed out before you've had time to digest your meal.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I am trying to overcome my aversion to pink... YAM xx

jabblog said...

All that sugary confection is quite nauseating.

Travel said...

Visiting the bakery and the bookstore, the perfect start to a day of love. We hope things are going well with the eye doc, you mentioned museum reservations the other day, I hope this is a sign that you are cleared to fly sometime soon.

Lisa in France said...

I thought you were joking about the £5 oysters!

rottrover said...

Oysters at one of the nicest seafood restaurants in L.A. (Water Grill) range in price from $3.65 - $4.00. But who eats ONE oyster??

Anonymous said...

The music is beautiful. We are going to the vets today with beloved pup to recheck her neck strain. Having a dog suddenly not be a able to walk and then watching her improve and back to walking three days later has been first very sad and now every milestone makes me give thanks and cry. We are hoping for slow continual progress.Today’s music selection definitely was soothing to me.
Hope your ophthalmologist appointment goes very well. You want to be able to see all the sights clearly when you go on your trip!

Camille said...

I thought the sugary confections on display were absolutely beautiful and far from nauseating. A lovely Valentines Day tribute. Fingers crossed your appointment goes well.