Saturday, February 10, 2024

Left unsaid.


The weather remains wet and blustery although it's not as wet and blustery as yesterday. Students and townsfolk sensibly remain indoors. 'The Font' goes to a start of day concert. 'How was it ?' I ask. " Two of the singers could have been professional " comes the reply. What this says about the other performers is politely left unsaid.

There are a pile of sandbags by a doorway into one of the colleges. Perhaps they know more about the weather forecast than we do.

The bakers window has a new line in Valentines biscuits. These seem to follow the Burns biscuit recipe of two shortbread slices with a jam filing. They seem to be selling reasonably quickly.

The presence of Easter Eggs alongside six heart shaped boxes of chocolates completes the bakers window display. The arrival of the  Easter Eggs come as something of a surprise. Usually, they wait until after Valentines Day before bringing them out.

The cobbler has had his mechanical robot serviced. It bangs away contentedly in his window. This morning the hirsute automaton is wearing a woolen bonnet and a tartan scarf. You have to live here to be aware of all the subtle - weather related -  changes to the robots wardrobe  that occur over the space of a week.

On our way back to the car we pass a metal plaque on a house. It informs us that Britains first tracheotomy was carried out there in 1730.  Now, that's an unusual factoid.


WFT Nobby said...

Love the cobbler's 'robot'. Over in Torridon this weekend, it's definitely woollen bonnet weather, but with a fierce Easterly wind, for once this is, I think, the drier side of Scotland.
Cheers! Gail.

Lisa in France said...

We're actually having a torrential downpour here in southern France today, and the shutters are banging. Our friends tell us this has not been a normal winter. Both of your links are fascinating today. I had my appendix out just after the earthquake/nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011. I've always attributed it to stress. I never subscribed to the idea that we come with spare parts, and I tried hard to avoid the knife with antibiotics, but it didn't work. And the other link is helpful in thinking about the vexing "why" question.

jabblog said...

By strange coincidence, I was reading the article on the appendix when my son-in-law 'phoned to tell us that our youngest daughter is in hospital with appendicitis.
Raining hard here again.

Coppa's girl said...

It rained all day here, too, and we didn't have chance for even one dog walk. Nice clean rain which washed the dust off the car! This morning it's back to blue skies and we enjoyed a blustery walk along beside the sea. 23ºC on the car thermometer on the way home.

Travel said...

Dr. Martine was a man of many talents and interests.

rottrover said...

So? Will there be a trip to Japan?

Melinda from Ontario said...

Interesting article about the very 'useful' appendix. I was one of those who always believed they had no use.

Angus said...

Rottrover - Yes.