Thursday, September 26, 2013

Like mother like son ?

Eight months old but Bob continues to grow. His weight , finally, a steady twenty two kilos. What is surprising is that his legs continue to sprout upwards. In comparison with his sister he looks as if he's walking on stilts. From these old photographs the similarities with his mother are obvious. Long legs however must come from the fathers side . Maybe he'll stop growing next week .


  1. Guinness Book of World Records? Just a thought....World's tallest PON.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I remember that she looked like such a sweetheart. I felt as if I wanted to rescue her. Seeing pictures of her provokes a little tightening around my heart for some, probably completely unfounded reason.
    All must have been well for her to produce two such super puppies.

    1. Father still works as a herder. Mother was clearly a farm dog - cared for but not groomed too frequently !

  3. I noticed the 'dog on stilts' look on photo no.3 from Tuesday's post. Very reminiscent of Bertie at a similar age. But Angus, I think that at eight months he still has height and weight to gain, albeit at a slower rate than to date.

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  5. Don't dogs take at least 12-15 months to attain their size, and two full years to reach their official adult hood? I'm thinking Bob is gonna be able to jump over your front gate before he is done!!

  6. Typical teen male. He'll proportion out perfectly when mature. This stage is so adorable and lasts but such a short time. Do enjoy.
    No empty headed pillow sitters; these farm workers have brains. Can't wait to see what develops there. They'll take over!

  7. He definitely has the facial coloring of his mother, but mum looks so petite. More tiny than Sophie I think. I wish they would have at least washed her face, I remember these photos and I also felt sad for her.

    Where did Bob get his spots? Did you ever see dad?

  8. Will she have a growing spurt later, do you think?