Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The new restaurant.

A Parisian antique dealer and his wife have opened a new restaurant in the little market town. We wait a week in order to let the kitchen 'settle down' . 'The font', who is an adventurous eater, has razor clam followed by riz de veau. Boiled flotsam and grilled offal. Angus, who is not an adventurous eater, has foie gras and tuna. The black and silver flock wallpaper in the dining room is very busy. The same cannot be said for the staff . After a leisurely three and a half hours we leave. A man in a flat cap bids us an effusive farewell. We're not sure if he's the chef or a slightly inebriated diner.

Bob and Sophie are in fine form. Lives conducted at high speed. They seem to know the words ' treat, lunch, breakfast, dinner, croissants, and chews ' in every language under the sun. No, or No !!! , as it's more frequently used, is the one word that completely flumoxes them.


  1. No is such a boringly negative word. No use at all for us optimists.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail and I are wondering if one year you will tell us about some outlandish dishes you have eaten at some local restaurant, and we will fall for the April Fool.

  2. After reading your last three posts all at once, and remembering about laungostine (sorry spelling) that The Font was cooking, it is actually being prepared on Masterchef as I watch tv - so at least i know what it is now ....
    Not sure how you avoid being huge living with all that good food and patisserie!

  3. Seems the restaurant has settled down. Wonder how long it'll be there.

    So PONs have selected hearing like scotties.

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy

    1. We are in total agreement about Scotties. Selective hearing indeed. We like to call it 'selective deafness' - as in when they are called in over and over and over and over again, while playing in the snow. Nary a twitch of the ears. Not a turn of the head. No rolling of the eye in your direction. Total selective hearing. Total deafness. Unless it is mealtime, of course!

    2. There are those in this house who say selective deafness doesn't only apply to dogs.

  4. Oh the joys of dog ownership.
    When we were thinking of what to name our 'Newbie' the most appropriate names seemed to be 'Get out of there' 'Leave that alone' or 'What are you chewing now?'
    We settled for Leah but she probably thinks her name is NO!

  5. You didn't say if the new restaurant will be earning a Michelin star?

    I think dogs in both our household speak and understand the same language!

  6. That's a long time to commit to dinner! It sounds like an eating experience.

    I'm pretty sure that dogs have some kind of hearing defect that makes the word no inaudible to their ears...

  7. No to dining in that place.

  8. The Font is always so positive, what comment did she have about the boiled flotsam and grilled offal?
    What do antique dealers know about preparing fine dining meals anyway? How long should we give this restaurant before closure?
    Every time I see Bob and Sophie on "their" table I can't help but laugh.

  9. Flotsam, flock and flumoxation could sum up your post today.

    There were people in my house who were very impatient at times and who would have sworn that I had selective hearing, until I had some testing. I posted the results firmly on the fridge. . . And then got hearing aids. That fixed the impatient people.