Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Free advice is worth the price.

Bob and Sophie charge out of the house and into the orchard . Sophie can be seen standing on her back legs trying to clamber up into a tree in pursuit of a squirrel.  A wind blows up. For two minutes, three at the most, the air is filled with white blossom. Then it stops. The ground left blanketed in white.

The baker tries to interest me in an Easter Egg.  Forget  Central London prices. These must be targeted at the German billionaire or passing Russian oligarchs. We'll come back just before Easter to see if the prices have moderated.

The first of the local thick white asparagus has arrived in the greengrocers. We buy a kilo.

A typical day. Bob is on alert for passing pilgrims. Sophie savages a large plastic bag. The plastic bag wins. Angus plants hollyhocks. Sophie eats them.

For our last walk of the day I now wear a pair of ski gloves. These are used to pick up the prickly hedgehogs that keep on returning. The hedgehogs are gently dropped over the fence where inquisitive PON's with sensitive noses can't reach them. 'The font' thinks it must be deeply disturbing for the locals to see someone wandering round at sunset wearing a pair of skiing gloves. 'Psycho' meets France profonde.


  1. Great - lol. Have a good day and pick as many hedgehoges as possible...

  2. I love the hedgehogs determination to return. I wonder if they have babies somewhere?

  3. We think those Easter Bunnies in the first picture look like the stuff of nightmares. Picking up hedgehogs. perhaps they sit out and wait for you.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. I can't believe it's wisteria time again. In my part of the world we are well into autumn. Ski gloves are most certainly the latest spring fashion craze from Paris. Protecting hedgehogs and Pons far more important than anyone else's opinion. Chin up, gloves on, M'Ongoose.

  5. Sophie actually let the plastic bag win? I expected her to tear it to pieces and then chase after them in the wind.

  6. We must disagree with the font. With Mme. bay's Scheherazade scarves and the old farmer's string vest and undergarments, we believe the locals think you fit in perfectly.
    We think the dogs and the hedgehogs thank you immensely .
    As Easter approached, we'd really love mire bakery photos for our fantasy Easter basket

  7. Sorry for the misspells. The cats decided the message must be sent.
    Love to all.

  8. My soul!
    The asparagus!
    Looks like breadsticks!
    No hedgehogs here, thank goodness. I can only imagine what Edward and Apple would do with those.
    Here we are on constant protective lookout for our crew of baby rabbits.

  9. In Germany it's Sparglezeit! Probably mis-spelled that.