Saturday, April 19, 2014

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

Bob and Sophie watch the school bus pass the gate.The five year olds press their noses against the windows and wave . There is something about French villages that was lost in the anglo-saxon world long ago. Innocence ?

An article in The Guardian says that pubs and bars are closed in Australia on Good Friday. This seems highly improbable - Good Friday or, come to that, any day of the Oz  year.

It's hot. The weather forecast says there's going to be rain on Sunday and for the following week. The garden needs it. Angus puts up a pair of linen curtains at the front door to keep the sun, the bees and the wisteria blossom out of the house. Sophie is told it's not a good idea to chew the bottom of the curtains. She feigns deafness.

Caroline, the cleaning lady, arrives. '' Look at the mess these dogs have made ! I sometimes wonder why I bother ". Should someone point out that's what dogs do and that what she's paid to deal with ? 'The font' says we're very lucky to have someone so fastidious. I'd settle for Madame Bay's cheerful, but illogical, method of redistributing the dust. 

They've cut the grass verges along the lane. The PON duo find a walk through cool, freshly cut grass to be delightful. They gambol like lambs. Their coats have turned green by the time we reach home. Sophie rests her head on the box hedge and falls asleep.

Simnel cake. The name sounds as though it's an old  European custom but apparently its only the Brits and Irish who bake them. This doesn't stop Madame Bay from trying a piece - twice.


  1. You could point out to the cleaning lady that it's job security.

    Oz is pretty much closed over the Easter weekend....

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. Enjoyable photos of Bob and Sophie, they really are quite photogenic! The cake looks delicious--If those are marzipan layers, like Madame Bay, I'd have another piece too.

  3. Caroline does not realise that it's mainly because of Bob and Sophie that she has a job...poor thing.
    Angus I was going to tease you about having enjoyed a few slices of the cake but you have taken the fun out of it by telling us it was Madame Bay who slaughtered the cake before the's nice to see the inside.
    Pubs and bars are closed here on Good Friday as well. It's a holy day observed on the island. Some of them open up around 5pm....but all stores and shops are closed.

  4. Happy Easter to the Scots, Swedish and Polish in France Profonde... from Susanne, Daisy, Kiri and Dandy

  5. I agree, Happy Easter to Scots, Swedes, and Poles in France profonde.And thank you for the Le Petit Prince, Antoine de St. Exupery quote.


  6. Perhaps Madame Bay will decide to come out of retirement. I'm not sure I could keep someone around who didn't like the dogs! lol Life is too short not to enjoy cake!

  7. I'd love to have a slice of the Simnel cake too! It looks lovely. Of course I couldn't resist sharing a wee bit with a certain PON duo.
    This Caroline!!!! I am always
    suspect of someone who doesn't like animals.

  8. Exactly M'Ongoose. In Australia one must be prepared in advance twice a year - Good Friday and Boxing Day. The only two days of the year on which it is difficult to buy beer. Otherwise life is sweet. Almost as sweet as life with two pons. Apologies for late comment. I've been off camping over Easter in zero degrees temps at our national folk festival in Canberra. Music to die for. And the Session Bar was my favourite. But oh my goodness it's good to be home in a warm bed.