Saturday, April 12, 2014

You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed.

First light. Bob and Sophie get harnessed up. We go outside. Before I can lock the front door Bob decides to go back inside . Sophie follows. Sophie comes back outside. Bob rushes round the house looking for 'the font' . Bob is finally coaxed into the courtyard and into the back of the car. He then leaps out of the car in hot pursuit of a blackbird. The offer of a kibble and he clambers back in. Why the simple act of getting out of the house should generate so much daily excitement remains a mystery of dog ownership.

Our morning routine. To the Cafe for an illicit half croissant, a visit to the bakers, a detour to the strawberry farm for two tubs of fresh gariguettes. A walk by the stream where Bob displays his inept fishing skills. Finally, a quick tour of the village. Very Old Farmer, Old Widow,Old Farmer, municipal workman on the tractor - all greeted. By nine the little angels are exhausted.

Home. This morning the two of them decide to sleep on the creaky wooden  staircase. A previous generation of PON's did the same thing. Elder, ever watchful, brother dozing on the higher step. Younger sibling snoring, indecorously, on the step below. Can they sense that their predecessors slept in this same spot ?  Perhaps all dog owners have this sense of deja vu ?


  1. We have trouble getting HER into the car. We're always ready.

    We think the stairs are the best place to snooze and watch what's going on, so nothing is missed.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. I also have those moments of canine-deja-vu, and wonder at those times if 'they' are merely telling us that 'they' aren't that faraway.

    Your Iris and the wisteria (as always) is lovely--I am off to see the cherry-blossoms in Washington DC this morning, I cannot wait.

    1. Normanstone Terrace, 'the font' informs me, is a mass of blossom.

  3. Love, love, love your wisteria! It's so gorgeous in bloom! And we love the rise on your staircase. It's so much shorter than ours and would be even more fun to run up and down!

  4. Brother and sister's a really good thing you kept them together.
    Sophie the Diva snoring indecorously....what knock me down with a feather!

  5. The picture on the stairs is frame worthy. Isn't canine deja vu simply the best? We wish you all a grand weekend!

  6. For us, it's under the piano.
    A couple of friendly ghosts there, I imagine.

  7. Indeed deja vu! Snoozing on the stairs, one above the other, were my boychiks favorite way to nap or wait for us to come home. Now JH does it sometimes, but no way as much as when he had a snoozing companion. Dear memories.

  8. Lulu curls up in exactly the same places as all her three predecessors.
    I've come to the conclusion that it's because all dogs like and want the same things.

    I too am exceedingly jealous of your wisteria. Ours is only just beginning to come into bud.

  9. Your wisteria is stunning. Dogs do love the same things. I miss your old dogs but love these new ones.