Thursday, April 10, 2014

Total absence of humour renders life impossible.

Three cans of baked beans, four cans of Dr.Peppers and a dozen or so bags of jelly beans make an appearance in the 'exotic foods' section of the supermarket. Deepest France profonde can now supply the strange culinary cravings of any foreign tourists who make it here for the Easter holidays.

Bob and Sophie chase squirrels, scamper after blackbirds and guard against passing pilgrims. At four in the afternoon they come inside for their kibbles and a snooze. Batteries recharged they're back out again at four thirty.

In the evening they stealthily creep upstairs and eat the non-slip underlay on three of the rugs that line the hallway. Sophie , who has a piece of foam dangling from her jaw, would have us believe it was solely Bob's idea.


  1. Replies
    1. Only the fringe. They were interrupted !

  2. OMG - Lady GAGA and her assistant.

  3. OMG - Lady GAGA and her assistant.

  4. Carpet Munchers!
    We have one of those here too.

  5. Tourists really go to France to find baked beans and Jelly Bellys??!!!

    Glad it was the underlay. We have a bit of frayed carpet...

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  6. Maybe some rawhide bones might satisfy that need to chew a little more. Get the ones that are rolled up like a cigar shape. Stella can chew on those for a long while.

  7. Merlin agrees that flat rugs are boring, compared to the artistically ruffled type.
    And they sometimes double as a tasty treat.

  8. The Jelly-Belly-Beans might be in the right section because they have long been touted as the 'gourmet' bean of choice for those with the most discerning taste--But as far as the Heinz baked beans, here in the US it's Bush's who use a Golden as their spokes-dog.

    I've missed your blog this week and have enjoyed catching up. I see the Bob and Sophie have been in fine form and not missing anything!

  9. After laughing at your rug "extraordinaire" I am hoping that the pieces chewed and swallowed do not make the PON duo ill.
    The second photo is just adorable...."Look at our garden!!! See how beautiful it is, it's all because of us!!"
    Those two could teach us a thing or two or forty, they already know about half hour power naps...incredible.
    As for the "exotic foods" I am thankful I can get them here everyday.

  10. I can possibly understand the beans. Maybe someone's grandad is coming for a visit. The Dr. Pepper is hopeless.
    How tidy Bob and Sophie are. They've folded the rug back.

  11. What, no Marmite? I might not survive. . .

    The whole last paragraph cracked me up. They just don't have the appearance of stealthy creepers to me, however much I try and imagine. Will just have to take your word for it.

  12. Those Jelly Bellys are worth it! I highly recommend the smoothie blend!

    I'm sure the rugs did something to deserve it. Yeah, that's the ticket!