Saturday, May 16, 2015

3 white roses.

In the barn Sophie discovers an enormous moth with a wing span of at least 5". She is encouraged into the back of the car before she has it as a pre-breakfast snack. You don't see things like that on Uist.

Mid-morning a white van with a trailer shows up. A group of morose lads unload planks and piles of stone. These are the same morose lads who dropped the cast iron stove down the steps. After unloading the stone they stand in the flower beds for a cigarette break. Bob and Sophie try to interest them in a game of ' throw the furry fox '. They finally take the hint. Bob and Sophie are delighted. The builder said he would start work on repairing the terrace on Monday and it seems he's keeping his word.

There are thirty pink standard roses in a circle by the pool. This year three of them have reverted to a rather unexciting white. Something must have gone wrong with the graft and it's taken a couple of years for the old root stock to dominate. On Monday I'll call the suppliers in England to see if anything can be done. 


  1. Perhaps they'll suggest you paint the white roses red.

  2. I like white roses! Perhaps you can relocate them.

  3. Throw the furry fox?
    That is the best game of all.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (fox terrier).

  4. Grand paon de nuit....the Giant Peacock Moth. A very pretty fellow indeed! By the way, isn't it a rule in decorating to always have an accent point and best in threes? Your roses took it upon themselves to keep you fashionable!

  5. The House of York, establishing a presence in southern France?

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 16, 2015 at 7:48 PM

    The white roses make a nice contrast to the pink, and they look very attractive.
    Could it be that endless games of "throw the furry fox" will prove more enjoyable to the morose lads, than re-building your terrace?

  7. Big bug! Never learned to appreciate them.
    Your roses might have been planted with the graft buried and you've got canes from the old rootstock. If you've got some pink, you could trim off all the white canes and leave the pink or you could call David Austin. Probably the easiest.

  8. That moth had a lucky escape! Throw the "anything furry" in our house is very much looked forward to!