Friday, May 22, 2015

A joy.

Out for our early morning walk past the village pond. The air fresh but the low sun already warm. The young heron takes fright as we approach and flies off towards the mountains. One effortless flap of the wings and he's airborne. 

No signs of life at the Very Old Farmers house . He usually waves at us from his kitchen window but today the curtains are drawn. I'll stop by later, when the district nurse is there, to make sure everything is fine. The nurse is visiting him three, sometimes four times a day now.

At the edge of the village the German billionaires new garage has been beautified with the addition of four blue ceramic pots. Against the stark bunker like architecture they're fighting a losing battle.The recently installed grey automatic doors compound the ugliness. 

The satellite box has gone wrong. Amazingly the repair man is here at seven thirty to fit a new one. '' You were on the way to my first appointment ". He's parked in the builders spot which is a problem ....

.... as they have to reverse through the small gates to drop off some wooden beams for the terrace roof. After much waving of arms and shouting  they get the van and trailer in . Each of the beams weighs 300 kilos so all the morose lads are called on to lift them off. The angelic duo are banished indoors.

In the afternoon Sophie liberates Bobs furry fox. She braces herself in readiness for being attacked by 25 hurtling kilos of irate brother.

Having two happy dogs is a joy. Having builders around less so. Perhaps dogs are natures antidote for having work done on the house ?


  1. That is some garage. Will it actually be used for cars (unlike, by my reckoning, over 90% of UK garages)?

    Sophie looks set for all comers there.

    Cheers, Gail.

  2. That's a great photo of Sophie. Did the anticipated attack happen?
    Bertie's comment made me laugh, yes we are in the 90% bracket!

  3. We think they're an antidote to many of life's stresses,

  4. I agree about having dogs around during moments of stress -- Weren't you also considering locking yourself in the office with a bottle of MacAllan?

    (Kim--Life at Golden Pines)

  5. Hoping the VOF is okay today.

  6. I hope the Very Old Farmer is doing well. Happy dogs = happy life - for all involved!!

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 22, 2015 at 7:13 PM

    How true about garages. We don't live in the UK now, but there isn't room for a car in our garage!
    What a hilarious photo of Sophie - she looks as though she's a goalkeeper! Surely Bob is too much of a gentleman to attack her, though where furry fox is concerned maybe he'll make an exception. The poor thing looks battered and has it still got it's last two legs?
    Hope there's some good news about VOF.

  8. That German garage looks like a bomb bunker. Hope it's good news for the VOF, best thoughts to him.