Sunday, May 17, 2015

Though he with giants fight.

Bob is besotted with Furry Fox. It goes with him everywhere. Part of it's attraction may lie in the fact that his sister hasn't been able to commandeer it. Furry Fox starts the day with four limbs and ends it with two.

Even though it's Saturday the morose builders lads show up with a cement mixer. They carefully position this in the courtyard next to the breeze block laden trailer. Work will not start as planned on Monday. '' More likely Tuesday. It's the weather " says the most lucid of the morose lads. Bob convinces them to play ' throw the furry fox ' .

The PONs and their Master go to the bakers in the little market town. They return with a  Pilgrims cake. '' Why is it a Pilgrims cake ? " inquires ' The Font '. Angus wishes he could remember what the attractive  young lady behind the counter had said to him . Angus thinks it's a butterscotch cake. 'The Font' thinks it's caramel .

And here , for the crowds of cheerful Pilgrims who were greeted by a pair of noisy. tail wagging, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, a jaunty pilgrim song. In fact the only pilgrim song I can think of in English.


  1. Can Bob effectively greet Pilgrims with Furry Fox in his mouth?

  2. At school we sang slightly different words to that version of the pilgrim hymn, starting, I think, with 'He who would valiant be, 'gainst all disaster, let him in constancy, follow his master'. Funny how these things stay with you.
    Gail (breakfasting in her mother's kitchen listening to 'Sunday Worship' on Radio 4, coming from St Andrews and St George's in Edinburgh, humming along with 'Let us with a gladsome mind, praise the Lord for he is kind', which was another school assembly favourite).

  3. Even the morose builders lads are not immune to PON charm
    If you send me a piece of that yummy cake I let you know if I think its caramel or butterscotch, honest.

  4. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 17, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    If the morose lads take as long to finish the work as they usually do, Bob and Sophie will get plenty of practise chasing after the furry fox!
    Who cares whether that scrumptious Pilgrim's cake is butterscotch or caramel - either flavour is OK with us.

  5. The scallop shells are a dead give away. Here's another pilgrim song.

  6. Butterscotch or caramel....Pilgrim or not, I wouldn't care....I would love to share in some of that delicious looking cake.
    Cheers to Bob for defending his furry fox from his sister.
    Happy Sunday to all at the ROF.

  7.'s the scallop shell looking bits on top.
    Have pilgrims been observed enjoying these tasty looking treats?
    Pilgrims should carry pup snacks to share with barking dogs along the way.
    Or perhaps that's frowned upon?
    Bonnie n Kenzie

  8. The singer sounds very much like the singer from Steeleye Span.
    That cake looks rather nice!

  9. What happened to Sophie's Doo-doo? Or is that best regarded with a moment of sad silence in remembrance?

  10. Our Tucker's "ducks" usually wind up by the end of day 1 with their eyes missing. Then it does downhill from there. The gateaux looks delicious!

  11. I still don't understand Pilgrim cake.