Thursday, May 14, 2015

A florist on acid.

Breakfast with the men in dark suits. Then it's back to the hotel to check out. In the space of two hours a new display of flowers has appeared in the lobby. They have a sort of 'spikey' look to them, as if arranged by a florist on acid. 


Off for some last minute shopping. A milk jug with a Scottie catches my eye but I settle on fudge . A product unknown in France. The rest of the week holds out the prospect of a fry up followed by slab of concentrated sugar. Gourmet heaven or as 'The Font' might say with a sigh ' a grown man with the taste buds of an eight year old '.

A full flight. Back to The Rickety Old Farmhouse in the late afternoon. Sophie's greeting is rapturous. Bobs soft shoe shuffle welcome, although enthusiastic, cannot match his sisters for theatricality. The family diva starts her welcome howl on a High C which continues upwards. She then runs round the garden in ever decreasing circles before finally performing her 'welcome home' dance. To the uninitiated this might look like a wild, tail wagging, wallowing. 

Normal service has once again been resumed. All is well with the PON world.


  1. From this household on the Westcoast of Canada - with a resident Scottish Terrier - how did you possibly NOT buy that milk jug with the Scottie on it!!!!! We will have to ponder if forgiveness is warranted here. The fudge will last a day or two…….that milk jug would have made you happy each and every day! Welcome home, just the same. Sigh.

  2. Nothing beats a fond dog's welcome home.
    I bet they don't have 'tablet' in France either!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 14, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    What, no milk jug with a PON on it? Surely 'The Font' could make you some fudge, if she could overcome her reluctance at making something so sugar loaded?
    Good to know the happy duo gave you a rapturous welcome home - the flock are safely gathered in, and Bob can sleep peacefully at night!

  4. Ah, but is it fudge or tablet? Or, as they say in Aberdeenshire, toffee?

  5. The scottie on the mug looks like it might be part flounder......eyes on one side....

  6. Mmmmm fudge!
    Nothing beats the welcome home from your dog, even if you've only been away for 5 minutes

  7. Glad you're back home safe and sound and that all is well in the PON world again.
    Save me some of that delicious looking my book that's a £4 well spent.

  8. While I'm a fan of "Fenella Smith," I'm also a fan of good fudge which I would have chosen too!

    There's nothing like the welcome from your pups to let you know you were missed!

  9. That fudge looks mighty tasty - what flavors did you sample?? Did you bring back any for the PONS (as it appears that the FONT wouldn't deign to touch the juvenile product)?

  10. Our animals show us, unashamedly, how much they love us. My cats will begin to meow loudly and some even stand on their hind legs with each return I make. I love it and them.
    In life, there are complainers and non-complainers. The line is drawn in the sand. We choose which side.

  11. I would have purchased the fudge and the milk jug and put the fudge in the jug for home. Two birds and all that. Welcome home!