Friday, May 8, 2015

In its own right.

There is a commotion outside on the village green. The mayor, resplendent in a pair of navy blue dungarees and his red tartan pork pie hat, is on top of a pair of step ladders fixing flags to the war memorial. His wife is 'helping' him. Her hearing aid is playing up again and she's shouting out at the top of her voice '' The shield's not straight ". He shouts back '' Yes it is ". This repartee goes on for some time. The shield remains at a jaunty angle.

After the mayor and his wife have gone I notice that a new sign has been attached to a wooden post at the back of the war memorial " Please do not sit on the steps ". 

The Old Farmer still hasn't got his visa for Belarus. The trailer is packed and ready on the driveway outside his front door. Three wooden barrels of varying sizes are laid out on top of it. '' Cherry brandy " he says by way of explanation.

It's hot today. The pilgrims few and far between. Maybe half a dozen of them in total. Bob sits impatiently in the courtyard waiting for the sound of boots. When he hears them approaching he leaps onto his stump seat and lets out a most enormous WOOF. This is the cue for Sophie to do her diva routine. Such pilgrims as there are seem uninitimidated.

In the evening the Hungarian stonemasons cook sausages and sing. They then sit on the war memorial steps chatting away to distant loved ones on their mobile phones. The new sign clearly mean nothing to them.

Just one of those happy days with dogs when nothing happens. A fact that may be unexciting but is worth recording in its on right.

And here's a well known Scottish song sung with an American accent.


  1. Normally at my local polling station there is a small cluster of local party representatives, all offering to hold your dog while you go into the church hall to vote. I thought it was why they were there! Yesterday at 7:30 am the solitary person standing outside Ferryhill church was a glum looking young woman wearing a red rosette, ignoring voters and tapping into her mobile phone. I tied Bertie to the drainpipe. Now I know I could have taken him inside.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Oh the poor Mayor....he should have listened to his wife..(smart men listen to their wives) my Mum used to say, a blind man on a trotting horse could see that....yes, the shield is askew.
    He should probably have the sign "Please do not sit on the steps" translated into Hungarian.
    I'm still getting over the Hungarians washing the cooking pot in the pool from yesterday's post.

  3. Well, it appears that more than one British politician has gone to the dogs.

  4. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 8, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    Poor Bob and Sophie, if it gets much hotter, and there are even fewer pilgrims to bark at, they will start to feel redundant! So maybe more tickles and extra treats are in order, or even a Hungarian sausage...... That's until that cat starts christening everything again and they can give chase. Surely the Old Farmer isn't going to let something as mundane as a visa stop him going to Belarus, we're sure he can charm his way anywhere!

  5. Perhaps another war memorial sign could be translated into Ugric and strategically placed where the nightly conversations take place? Happy Vendredi!

  6. Coppa's girlMay 8, 2015 at 10:37 PM

    Is the cherry brandy for a little refreshment along the way....
    Doubtful if the Hungarians will take much notice of the sign, no matter what language it's in. It's all a matter of being able to hear on the mobile, so hopefully they won't start climbing the war memorial to get a better reception !