Sunday, May 24, 2015

Too much stone.

Another chilly start to the day. The cold front over the Bay of Biscay slowly inching its way towards us. A smattering of clouds over the mountains heralding rain. The neighbouring farmer has been hard at work sowing the field at the crossroads with young sunflower plants.

Time for a quick drink, a mad dash round the garden and then off in the car to the cafe under the arcades for an illicit half croissant. When we arrive the beer and absinthe crowd are happily devouring their first pre-breakfast libation. The man with the maroon metallic motability scooter and the lady with the blue dressing gown and red pom-pom slippers are enthusiastically sharing an alcoholic Solero.

Bob spends much of his afternoon sitting on his stump seat watching passing pilgrims. Two thirds are observed  in manly silence. The others get the highly vocal 'this is my village and I've got my eye on you ' woof. All the pilgrims, irrespective of the greeting they receive, wave at him.

Sophie runs backwards and forwards in the brick dust yelping at the builders who have, mysteriously, opted to work on a Saturday. They are using far too much stone and far too little brick in the rebuilt walls. Three facades of The Rickety Old Farmhouse are made of stone but the side they're working on is made almost entirely of brick. '' We can always grow roses up it " says 'The Font' with only a hint of resignation. 


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMay 24, 2015 at 8:37 AM

    Nothing bad can happen with the splendid Bob on guard.
    Positive thinking - with all that stone the morose lads are using, the ROF will be much less rickety. Rambling roses would look lovely.

    1. Rambling roses may be the answer.

  2. I am quite warming to the idea of an alcoholic Solero. Although perhaps not before breakfast.
    PS Working on a Saturday? Is that allowed?

    1. Working on a Saturday falls into the 'miracle' category . Who am I to question such things ?

  3. The wall at least should be be good and strong. I hope this wasn't conscious decision in anticipation of future stove shifting that they hope to be involved in.
    Thumbs up for the Mojito flavoured Solero; tested and approved. Mawnan Smith 22 May 2015.
    Have a great Sunday to all.

  4. Still no news of the Very Old Farmer? Hope he is OK.

    Greetings from Teddy, the PWD in Maryland

  5. We think soon the PONs will be a landmark on the Pilgrims' maps.

  6. Yes, Bob and Sophie will become part of the pilgrimage experience.
    " Proceed strait when you encounter the barking PON's" the maps will note.
    Say, those alcoholic lollies appear to be catching on.

    Say, these

  7. Wish we were under cooler weather - Tuesday should reach 30 celcius or above. Willow and Tucker have smartly stayed inside, away from the sun to keep cool.