Monday, June 1, 2015

Dance like there's nobody watching.

It's barely six and the heat is already building. We're out early because this is the day when Caroline the 'why smile when you can frown ?' cleaning lady is due. The builders are taking the old terrace beams off to the rubbish tip and have positioned their vans along the drive in readiness. Caroline won't be able to park in her usual spot. The exchange of 'pleasantries' between builders and cleaning lady is something Angus doesn't want to overhear.

Such human interactions are of no interest to the PONs who primary task today is to have fun. How wise. 


  1. Saw a poster like there's no one watching. No one is, they're all looking at their iphones.

  2. Could it be arranged that Caroline's arrival is timed for when the builders are distracted by furry fox throwing activities?

  3. There must be times when you wish that your command of the French language was not quite so fluent......
    How wise of the angelic duo to make every day a fun day - that's what life's all about after all - for PONs !
    Any news of the Very Old Farmer - he hasn't been mentioned for a while?

    1. Some folks come to France to learn French and read Racine or Moliere or Voltaire. In this blog folks come to France and become expert in French plumbing terminology and the ability to swear like a Foreign Legionnaire. Perhaps this is why we don't get invited out to dinner much.

  4. PON's are extremely wise - I am going to follow suit with the primary task of having fun and avoiding human interaction! :)

  5. Racine, Moliere, pah! You can read, and comprehend, a contractor's supply requisition like a pro.