Friday, June 5, 2015

Joy overload.

At the cafe under the arcades it would seem that business is less than brisk. Not a soul to be seen. We hurry past en route to the bakers where the angelic duo are given some tiny pieces of meringue. Bob has one of his 'moments'. He moves in circles while simulataneously  showing his overbite and doing his soft shoe shuffle routine. The classic symptoms of PON joy overload.

At the hottest part of the day the red trousered kitchen designer arrives, unannounced. Angus wonders what the French use mobile phones for. Clearly not for setting up meetings. '' I've found the perfect stools for the kitchen. They're made by a little workshop in Rouen ".  ' Wonderful ' says Angus in what he hopes is a voice that denotes interest.

As the sun sets Bob and Sophie mount guard over The Rickety Old Farmhouse. It soon becomes apparent to Sophie that there is little to guard against . Bob is not so easily dissuaded. He sits on his stump seat until it's dark. A big brothers work is never finished.

A hot summers day in deepest , deepest France profonde.


  1. The word on the street is that the new Cafe owner has chased off his best customers......
    Guess he'll have to use it for money laundering or something.

  2. Maybe he already is! Any bets on how long he'll stay in business "legitimately" ???
    Good to know that some things remain the same, and that the delightful duo are still welcome at the bakers.
    Oh dear....don't want to be rude, but not sure about those stools......they look most uncomfortable.....

    1. You might be right on the comfort stakes. However, this is a rugby playing household where beds can't have foot boards and stools have to be extra high to accommodate long limbs.

  3. Meringue! Leah loves meringue...oh yes, and so do I!

  4. Madame Font will surely make the decision on those stools...I'm not so sure about those stools complementing your lovely new kitchen.
    Perhaps the owner of the little workshop in Rouen is family to the Mr. Red Trousers and they've struck a deal.
    I hope you find out soon where the beer and absinthe crowd has moved on to...I miss them.

  5. Maybe something rather more 'chunky' required in the stool department?
    Bob's security role made a tad easier following a meringue treat.

  6. He waited until the font was absent and just dropped by with those stools? They are a bit flat in the seat. Lingering over coffee and the paper won't be encouraged. But maybe that's the idea.

  7. Stool looks a bit spindly. I like first selection better.
    Hope all is going well in London and the font's shoulder is more comfortable.

  8. The last picture looks like a perfect summer day - and all is well.

  9. Glad Bob is still on duty despite changes in the morning routine.

    Agree with others that those kitchen chairs look somewhat spindly, not to mention possibly tippy. Is the "little workshop in Rouen" related in some manner to M. Red Trousers?

  10. Petite-Chose at 2GJune 5, 2015 at 9:09 PM

    No, those blue stools just don't go with the lovely oak kitchen, totally the wrong style and colour. I'm with the others - I think the owner of the little workshop in Rouen is related to Red Trousers! Wonder what colour his trousers are?

  11. The May issue of World of Interiors had red kitchen stools on the cover. The info about where to buy said they were from Tesco and they weren't expensive. Didn't you want red stools? Maybe it was another blog I read. Well,anyhoo. This mention of kitchen stools made me remember.

  12. The green stool looks lovely and fits with the cabinetry. It works perfectly, it's very modern for a very modern kitchen and at the same time very elegant kitchen. The kitchen itself also works with your entire home which is perhaps more traditional, but equally as elegant as the kitchen. I bet that's the look you were going for. As for the comfort, it depends on what someone likes. On a stool one can be more upright, it's better for the posture and probably for the organs. I like it very much, but I don't like traditional, clunky and brown furniture. I proud myself with having a good eye for those things and I think you've made wonderful choices.