Tuesday, June 16, 2015

There's something going on.

Five combine harvesters roll along the lane at first light. The harvest underway. Bob is soon awake and announcing that there's something going on outside that requires his immediate presence. 

We discover that overnight 'The Font' has left the car windows down. An owl has taken the opportunity to 'pop inside ' and spend time carousing on the dashboard. We use a full packet of disinfectant wipes to make the interior of the little Skoda habitable. The PONs find the new smells 'intriguing'.

Time to think of opening up the pool. Needless to say the hugely expensive, solar powered pool cover doesn't work. While Angus curses the fact we ever bought it Sophie spends her time lying on the wooden table sunbathing. I tell her she looks indecorous. She deals with this criticism by turning onto her other side and snoring.

Bob comes to see me every twenty minutes to suggest a game of 'throw the furry fox'. I'm beginning to miss the builders morose lads. They have an enthusiasm for the game that never seems to wear off.

The weekend copy of Svenska Dagbaldet carries photographs of the royal wedding in Stockholm. 'The Font' comments aloud about Princess Birgitta's ABBA inspired costume.


  1. Indecorous is an understatement. Made us laugh!

  2. I'm assuming 'The Font' was not saying "I want one of those dresses"?
    Best of luck with the pool cover...

  3. Furry fox throwing beats working every time !
    We can always rely on the indecorous Sophie to make us laugh - she just doesn't care !!

  4. That is a rather splendid fluffy tummy.

  5. Princess Birgitta's outfit is a little (?) frightening -- I say it's a little "Sophie, Furry Fox inspired."

  6. Our Willow sleeps just like that! Coupled with the gentle snoring and it makes for a smile to be sure!