Sunday, June 14, 2015

The poissonnerie goes up in smoke.

Thunder storms overnight. Hot air from the Sahara battling it out with cool air from the Bay of Biscay. The cool air seems to have won. Shutters rattle, downpipes gurrgle, the power comes on, then goes off. The PONs snore obliviously away.

First thing this morning Bob and Sophie are ready for the off. At this early hour Bob looks merely shaggy. Sophie decidedly squiffy. The cafe under the arcades with its dog hating owner is still out of bounds so we visit the bakers. Some slivers of 'sacristan' for the angelic duo. A black cherry cake for us. Overcome with delight Bob is keen to tell the bakers wife that he loves her. He is quickly 'encouraged' out onto the street.

Next stop the fishmongers. Or it would be had it not burnt down on Friday afternoon. The traffic warden says there was an electrical fire. '' There were four fire engines " he adds in a tone of voice that makes it clear it was quite an event. The street now closed off to traffic. The only place that knew what lemon sole was and where to get it.

And here's some Sunday morning practical advice for travellers to America :


  1. No lemon sole then. I guess you could always ask of an Arbroath smokie….

  2. Hopefully, they will open in another shop.....

    The Black Cherry Cake translates to over $52.00 AUD......

  3. No fish? Oh well, let them eat cake!

  4. Angus - one of these days you'll have to post a video of Bob in his joy overload, soft shoe shuffle, "you know I love you" mode. We'd all love to see it, and we're sure it would go viral !
    What sad news about the poissonnerie, no more lemon sole for a while, so we hope they open up somewhere else very soon, too. There's the consolation of the Black Cherry cake however, even if it's not as healthy as the fish, it's much more fun...

  5. We have just realised that two of your "traditions" - the café under the arcade, and now the poissonnerie, have gone from your lives - what is deepest France profonde coming to?

  6. I hope no one was injured in the fire -- At least you still have the bakers ... for now. I think Coppa's girl may be right!

    And I don't think I'd want to visit America either if I was told some of the things from the article.

  7. Clearly, and according to that article, I need to go buy a gun right now to help keep up the stereotype of unstable and reckless americans!
    And good grief, I live far enough north that nude sunbathing is simply not an issue. Darn!

    Ps: I would love to see Bob's soft shoe shuffle too!

  8. Gosh, if the USA, is so terrible (except for the clean, free and clearly marked male/female public restrooms), why are so many 'furreners' here? The Brits have pretty much bought up all the small coastal cottages on the Gulf side of Florida. The Asians own all the local small businesses and family farms. You'd be hard pressed to find an Anglo in health care. Yet, undocumented immigrants flood the system. Somebody is clearly 'Coming to America' for a better life, despite of our well armed citizenry. As far as sun bathing in the nude, maybe we don't do it cuz we are all fat and extremely jealous of svelte Europeans. Or maybe because our health care is so expensive, we don't want to get skin cancer? In the winter months you can't swing a cat without hitting a tourist. It's like a mini UN at the grocery store with whole sections of nummies for different nationalities. Then there is the university/college systems giving admission precedence to international students. Even Duke University, that bastion of Methodists and Quakers, has so many international students they implemented the Muslim call to prayer. The upside is we don't really need to travel to broaden our horizons and experience other cultures, it's all right here! Even in my tiny backwater wide spot in the road, I have a family from Germany on one side, Argentines next to them, going the other way we have a mixed couple (California/New York) and a young family from Columbia. We are too small to even boast a fast food chain, but we have a Sushi bar, Chinese buffet, Greek restaurant and a real NY pizza joint. Somebody feels safer here than at home.
    Pam - not a dog in sight, just an op-ed response - not the opinions of the dogs, one who loves everyone and the other who is afraid of her shadow

  9. wondering how the dog hater's business is thriving? or is it?
    you should tell them thar touristee types to come ore' here to the countries of texas and oklahoma... where it ain't agin' the law to carry iron right thar on yer hip even!
    hmmm... maybe that's why we don't have an influx of any tourists usually... sensible people! LOL!
    stuck here in gun land. but living vicariously through your beautiful blog.
    have a treat from the bakery in my name please. thank you.
    i feel better now!
    and... i agree on the video clip of bob's little shuffle! would LOVE to see it!