Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We're up and out by six. The stone for the terrace is due to be delivered by seven and the builders have promised to be here at seven thirty to start laying it.

At seven fifteen the phone goes. It's the driver from the company that's supplying the stone.'' I'm outside the church but can't see a house with grey shutters ". Still holding the phone I go out to the village green to show him the way.No truck. No driver. It's soon apparent that he's turned up in a village with the same name in a different departement.

The builders, who have meanwhile arrived en masse, stand in the flower beds, smoke cigarettes and a have a conference. There is much shrugging of shoulders. They announce that as they're here they'll finish off the plastering on the terrace and come back in two weeks when they have some 'free time ' . Re-delivery of the stone will need to be arranged.

The PONs take all this in their stride. For them a glorious day of 'throw the furry fox' with the morose lads lies ahead. When you're two years old the zest for life and mischief is unquenchable .

This made me smile :


  1. Petite-Chose at 2GJune 10, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    Throwing the furry fox is the real reason the builders turn up at all!!

  2. We saw her on the news. Apparently sailed through the exam....

  3. Promise of endless launches of Furry Fox - I can just imagine the squeaks of delight from the delectable duo.

  4. Glad to hear that 'throw the furry fox' is still being played

  5. No-one can shrug shoulders like a Frenchman….

  6. At least there is some kind of progress, albeit slow progres...

    Thanks for sharing the article! What an excellent example of tenacity, and a true display of resilience!

    (Kim/Life at Golden Pines)

  7. As soon as your caller said they couldn't see the house with the grey shutters I got that sinking feeling.
    At least the workmen provided entertainment for Bob and Sophie.
    I don't think age 102 is a possibility for me and I'll be lucky if my mind makes it to seventy. Other parts will probably go sooner.
    Thanks for the news on the very old farmer. He's a treasure.