Saturday, November 21, 2015

I spent it in good company.

The PONs are up and about early in readiness for the best day ever.

At the supermarket a 1970's era Citroen DS is parked jauntily. The carefree owner oblivious to the relationship between lines and parking spaces.

Back at home Madame Bay is showing her sister from Paris the sloping cooker hood. The younger sister sports a duck egg blue velveteen suit with sequins around the collar. When it comes to dress sense the Bay family clearly have a shared sense of the remarkable. Madame Bays sister, being a worldly wise Parisian, dots her sentences with words like a-dor-ab-le , in-croy-a-ble and ex-quis-ite. Rarely has a cooker hood elicited such praise. Bob gets called 'mon pauvre petit garcon' . Sophie eye up the lace hanky that dangles from the velveteen sleeve. She is encouraged out of the kitchen before there are attempts to 'liberate' it.

'The Font' hears this sung outside an Irish pub in the Marais. The (mostly) young folk all seem to know the words. In the circumstances of the week a fitting if unexpected choice. In Scotland it was, and is in the western islands, sung as an alternative to Auld Lang Syne. A song of the Highland clearances and of long journeys.

It is more traditionally sung by this Dublin choir


Coppa's girl said...

Aah, we've missed your descriptive words on Madame Bay's latest fashion statements !
We know all about the "jaunty" parking too - infuriating when it takes up the only spare available parking space !

WFT Nobby said...

"A shared sense of the remarkable".
Such generous spirited understatements are one (of many) reasons I return every day to your wonderful blog.
Cheers, Gail.
PS Lovely song, too.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Always like the song since 'Waking Ned Divine.'

Kari said...

Seeing those two beautiful, delightful faces gives us hope for a best day ever. This frequently doesn't pan out.
We see cars parked like the Citroen on occasion. Usually the car in question is a Lamborghini or some other outrageously expensive auto with owners making sure no other vehicle can park close to them.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Every time I see a picture of your cooker hood, I delight in what a work of art it is for the kitchen! When I see a picture of the adorable duo, I feel hopeful for their best day ever! Had never heard the song before, but will be thinking of the words all day.

kippy said...

lovely. Reminded me of Jean Redpath and the beautiful songs she sang.

Unknown said...

li-ber-a-te...what some of my dogs did to sundry items while I was gone this morning. Good thing Sophie was escorted away.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture on your kitchen wall - black on white almost mirrors the cooker hood!