Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A sense of excitement.

Bob and Sophie are managing to survive despite 'The Fonts' absence. Much of the morning is spent running up and down the outside stairs chasing lizards. Bob chases in silence. Sophie howls.

Bob finally wanders inside to inform me that one of his flock is missing. 

The village news letter arrives. This is either quarterly, bi-annual or annual depending on the year, the amount of information to be dispensed and the mood of the mayors unsmiling secretary. This edition wishes us a happy summer and tells us when the street lights are going to be switched off as an economy drive. It also urges us all ( a chacun un petit effort ) to beautify our gardens before the arrival of the regional jury for the Village Fleuri judging.

The flower beds outside the church have been replanted after the donkeys ate the delphiniums that used to be there. 

The bench under the lime tree has been painted a rather feminine blue ...

... and the metal gates to the churchyard have been painted a peculiar shade of green.

Neither the colour of the bench nor the cemetery gates match anything else in the village. Could it be these were two 'special offer' cans of paint at the hardware store? 

I'd like to say a sense of excitement has gripped our little corner of paradise but this is not the case. The sun beats down, the bees buzz, the frogs croak and a honeysuckle scented torpor covers the village. It is after all high summer.


  1. I just love Bob. Look at his eyes.

  2. Sophie's hunting hardly conjures an image of stealth....I think the lizards can rest easy.

  3. One trusts that the Village Fleuri jury will be met with the customary village hospitality. A glass of champagne chez Angus would surely do no harm to the cause?
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. Is the whole village judged, or is it individual entries?
    Agree with Bertie, the odd glass of champagne could help the (favourable) judging along....and with two certain PONs on hand to charm the judges, who knows, your village may win !
    The gate and bench - paint the Old Farmer might have found in the depths of his garage?

  5. Poor Bob ... hopefully the "flock" is restored soon. (Beautiful Picture of him)
    All the gardens are looking lovely; but I agree a sip of bubbly is always in order on a hot summers day!

  6. I can only imagine what my two would make of lizards.
    Chipmunks are enough.

  7. Lovely colors....

    Lizards? No way, it would be them chasing me - not the other way round....

  8. Yes, champagne at your house is an excellent idea. Enough to make the jury remember but not enough to have them forget. And Bob , of course , we'll give them his soulful look (as above).

  9. Sophie looks as if she is inviting you to join her in chasing lizards! Sweet Bob just wants his flock reunited.