Thursday, July 28, 2016

At peace with their lot.

The apple trees on the other side of the valley have been covered in netting to stop the birds from eating the fruit. The nets glint silver in the morning light. Sophie chases something small with a furry tail but soon gives up. I suggest that screaming with excitement may be a counterproductive hunting technique. She ignores me. Bob concentrates on the minnows in the stream. He tries the pouncing PON technique - heavy on action but light on results. We settle on the storm drain for our morning chat. Angus comments on the propensity of politicians to lie. Bob has difficulty in understanding what a lie is. We head home.

Sophie is full of life.

Bob is also full of life. Dogs like six year olds have that magical ability to never get tired. After a walk up the hill their owner is in need of a cup of coffee.

Chilled carrot is on offer in the kitchen. Bobs body is ( almost )  still but his tail waves backwards and forwards as if possessed of a life of its own.

The sun bakes down on The Rickety Old Farmhouse . At lunchtime its occupants are reunited with 'The Font'. Ten minutes of enthusiastic PON welcome follows. After lunch a deep silence, interrupted by the gentle sound of snoring, tells us the PONs are at peace with their lot. Outside on the village green the mayor and the villagers are busy 'sprucing up' ahead of the Fridays judging.

So passes a quiet day in deepest, deepest France profonde. Air France cabin crew have opted for a weeks strike, starting today. It is only the peak holiday season so who could possibly suffer ?


  1. Oh yes I am very familiar with that body still/tail wagging ferociously pose!

  2. Early morning hunting, frozen carrots and a reunited pack - sounds like the best day ever!

  3. Are all liars in all countries on your mind today, or is it one "clown" in particular?
    I am so happy that the Font is home, now Bob can rest his sweet head... I had my Doodle Lola at the vet yesterday with a cough and fever. I have happily put the clowns aside to focus on my little girl's health and comfort, she will be fine. Shocking to hear of the murder of the priest in Normandy, I send my sympathy. Pam in NH

    1. Update on Saturday 7/30: thank you for your kind wishes for Lola, she is taking her medicines and looking & sounding much better.

  4. I am so pleased Bob does not understand lies. I have tried very hard not to lie to Bailey Bob, ever.

  5. 'The Font is safely home, chilled carrots, chasing small things with furry tails - what could be better? A weighty conversation about politicians - too deep to contemplate in such beautiful surroundings.
    Gorgeous photos of Bob and Sophie.

  6. A chilled carrot snack has recently been added to Millie’s daily routine because of Bob and Sophie’s example. She sends many thanks.

  7. Ours too have, at times, the luxury of a carrot, though not necessarily chilled. It's gulped down with a "Is this all I'm getting?" expression of disdain.

  8. Catching up on your news and I am as always, so taken by the photos of the sunflowers. But it appears everyone at the ROFH have had a pretty good week. Donald Trump on the other hand...