Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A trumpeting noise.

By six we're out and heading down the path to the little waterfall. Three deer are standing grazing in the middle of the corn field - close enough for me to see their antlers. Usually they'd watch us nervously and bound away when the PONs appear. This morning they just watch and chew. Either the heat has addled their brains or they've decided it's too hot to run.

It's muggy down on the valley floor. The PONs run wild for twenty minutes then splash in the stream. After a long drink and an annoyed bark at the dragon flies we head back up to the top of the ridge.

The aircon in the little Skoda turned up full. Bob and Sophie make it clear they're willing to brave a trip to the bakers in the heat in return for some choux pastry crumbs. The PONs get small slivers of sponge. The manic tail wagging indicates that life just keeps on getting better. 

A morning spent playing in the shade of the garden. 'Lamb' continues to hold the angelic duo's attention .

This photo captures something of Sophie's sense of purpose as she liberates 'Lamb' from her oaf of a brother.

The interrupted water supply ( off for two nights in a row ) has done something to the ecological balance of the new septic tank system. In the small hours it emits a single trumpeting noise not unlike massively amplified flatulence. Angus is instructed to get up to see what the problem is. He reports back to say everything is in order. Twenty minutes later the flatulent trumpet returns. Monsieur Bozo, the sewage engineer who installed it, is on holiday until the end of August. 

So passes a hot summers day in deepest, deepest France profonde. It's amazing how much happens on a day when nothing happens.


  1. The display at the baker would act as incentive to acts of bravery for many of us….

  2. Is the baker a frustrated Architect? Some of those cakes look as though they have been "constructed" !
    Life is never dull at ROF, is it - what with a flatulent septic tank, (sorry, I had to chuckle) and the delightful duo fighting for possession of Lamb.
    M. Bozo on holiday until the end of August - at his villa on his island in the Caribbean? Oh dear....

  3. Oh my gosh how could you resist a violet eclair? Love the story of the septic system with flatulence. Hope it does not bode ill.

  4. Isn't it interesting how things always seem to go pear shaped during the small hours? Our house too....night brings out the worst of "things". I did have to chuckle about the single trumpeting noise....

    Isn't like grand when you can get treats from the bakers?

  5. Sophie wears a look of steely-eyed determination in the next-to-last photo.

  6. We have a new refrigerator. In the quiet of the night, it sounds like bowling for dollars downstairs! How many hours each day are you without water?

  7. Perhaps deer with antlers feel they can take on a couple of PONs!