Saturday, July 2, 2016

Excitement mixed with impatience.

A new day starts. Bob watches me putting on my shoes. His sister does the same. She makes half silent whimpers of excitement mixed with impatience. 

We head off down the hill towards the the waterfall. The PONs weave their way through the sunflower stalks. High speed sunflower stalk weaving is something the PONs love. Sophie displays great dexterity as she sashays her way along. Bob is more of a barge your way through type of dog.

Looking back up the hill towards the The Rickety Old Farmhouse I'm surprised to see that the one in three, or thereabouts, of the sunflowers are coming into bloom. High summer is here. 

The wrens are nesting on the security lights on the downstairs terrace. Between the sparrows in the eaves and the wrens on the terrace it's a bit like an avian version of Shanghai in the rush hour. Busy parents flitting too and fro. With the terrace out of bounds , so as not to disturb the chicks, Angus and the PONs drive into the little market town for breakfast croissants and a baguette. In the cafe by the roundabout preparations are underway for the next football match. A wide screen television is being installed on the pavement outside. Wide screen is a relative term. This one is all of 42". The PONs share half a croissant. They settle under the table and emit a sigh that indicates that this is is already shaping up as the best day ever. 

Saw this yesterday as part of ceremonies surrounding the Battle of the Somme centenary. It almost works :


  1. Both PONs know how to enjoy life. The Somme took me by surprise and pathos; had never before heard of this battle. Well worth the look and listen.

  2. We had many fields of sunflowers last year; this year they've rotated to something else. Being a city girl, I've no idea what the crops are, besides wheat and wine. The farmers are busy harvesting something (what could it be? colza? what else do they grow in the south?), and the air is full of the hum of tractors well before dawn and a heavy perfume, like fresh-cut grass but even more syrupy. Rather pleasant as farm smells go.

  3. When Bertie did agility I noted that some dogs were natural weavers and others were not. Bertie most definitely not!
    No doubt the French football fans are hoping to do better against Iceland tomorrow than England managed earlier this week. (Lots of Iceland flags on display in Aberdeen just now…)
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. Lucky PONs, another very best day ever ! Weaving through the sun flowers - what better to do on a lovely summers day?

  5. I am sitting in front of an air conditioner vent, in the Southern US, dreaming of a cool water fall!