Friday, July 22, 2016

The Welsh Valley Genius.

A day of short, sharp mountain storms. One squall following the other. Flashes of lightning and savage growls of thunder. The PONs get soaked to the skin.

Finally, Bob and Sophie opt to stay indoors. They're not frightened by storms but have a country dogs understanding that there's danger in the air.

Rug surfing , touch rugby and savaging 'Lamb' fill  their day. There is also the occasional nap.

'The Font' has tracked down an early copy of the poem In Parenthesis as a birthday present. Words as music. Penned by David Jones, a poor Welsh Valley boy, gifted with a one in a billion mantle of genius. 

We sit out late. I read aloud. Bob, convinced we're talking to him, lies by the pool - eyes closed - his tail waving. Sophie, ever independent, stares up at the young owls sitting on a high branch of the oak tree. They look bemusedly at her. She glares at their audacity. We laugh.

Here's Richard Burtons daughter talking about her fathers love for the poem.  

Passing villagers on evening strolls quietly wonder at these laughing poetry reading foreigners with their shaggy dogs. 

*** Blogger doesn't not want to behave today. Have had to post as an add on to yesterday. Apolgies for the varying text sizes.


  1. Bob looks quite dejected, perhaps it's the storm, keeping him indoors? We trust the poetry lightened his mood.
    Touch Rugby, rug surfing, savaging 'Lamb', and an occasional nap. Making the most of it, even if it isn't quite a best day ever.....

    1. Dejected ? More likely he's dreaming of ways to irritate his sister.

  2. Not having heard of David Jones before, I turned to Wikipedia, which reveals that not only was he hailed
    as a writer, he was a painter of some fame. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, many of them can be
    seen on line.
    It sounds as though reading In Parenthesis out loud would be quite a wonder Bob was wagging his tail.

    1. He is perhaps best known as a calligrapher. His style is remarkable.

  3. Have you seen this:

  4. Blogger was misbehaving for me as well. But I'll have to read the poem, and listen to the posted video.

    Hope the storms have passed. Our crew is inside because of the heat -- we could certainly use some rain.

  5. Totally understand Blogger! Sounds like perfect indoor weather.