Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy dogs.

Out at first light to water the garden. I attach a hosepipe to the tap by the front door. Even though it's not yet six Bob is keen to play under the water jet. His sister is initially less keen but is soon frolicking alongside him. Why waste an opportunity for fun ? Bob darts through the spray quietly. Sophie makes a noise like a squealing pig. For her happiness and silence just don't go together..

Rather than let two dripping dogs into the house they are taken for an hours walk down to the little waterfall.

We've put up linen curtains at the front door. These keep the sun and bees out of the house while allowing Bob to monitor who's passing by along the lane. Not a perfect solution but a functioning one.

A meeting about the painting of the porch. It's due to start at 9.30 but finally gets underway at 10.30. The decorator from the nearby village has a flat battery. While waiting I have a long chat with the mayor. What a nice man he is. The battle between the Belgian lady and the neighbouring horse farm continues. The horse farms wire fence has been cut in three places. The Belgian lady is blamed. She denies it. The police have been called. They've made fifteen visits to the village since the dispute started. The mayor sighs.

When everyone is gathered we remeasure the porch, twice. The paint and wallpaper are examined. '' It's foreign " says the decorator. He then pauses and adds '' I suppose it will do ". Nothing more is said but the clear inference is that French products would have been better.

On the right hand edge of the mural that commemorates the village boys killed at the battle of Verdun, almost invisible, is a ruined church. Closer inspection shows it to be the village church. Slipped in as a joke. Or as a warning ? The mayor and the would be decorators are all amazed when this is pointed out to them.

Sophie deals with the heat by lying on the cool gravel in the courtyard. She is oblivious to the fact that her demeanour is less than princess like. Somedays it's just too hot to care.

This is interesting. If you like cats.


  1. The first picture is delightful, with PON heads held high, excited to begin a new day! I had been wondering if the wallpaper had arrived. Would that make them foreign bees?

  2. Was the church damaged and repaired before anybody still around remembers?
    I am in awe that you subscribe to Eureka Alert. I do, too, but for work, though I admit I enjoy it.

  3. The women's co-op must be a bit miffed that they weren't selected to do the church project. The window
    boxes look wonderful...great touch of color for the ROF.

  4. I enjoy my breakfast reading the adventures of Bob and Sophie and the village dramas. Thank you for the link to Elderly cats. I just brought my 17 year old cat Molly home yesterday from the hospital. She had a stroke on Tuesday. Everything seems to be working, but she is now wobbly in her walking.
    Sharon Canada

    1. I hope Molly will continue to do well. Our cats range in age from 11 to 14, so I appreciate the link also.

    2. Poor dear Molly. She'll be in our prayers.

    3. So glad Molly is home, and will be thinking of her!

  5. No cats here, just two happy Labs sleeping on the cool tiles. Out at 6:30a.m. for a half hour walk - too hot to go further once the sun has risen above the horizon.
    Lovely photo of the PONs and ROF.

  6. Something overlooked for years is suddenly rediscovered. Wonderful. So interesting about the church. And I'm sure everything is beautiful. Decorators always, and I mean always, find fault in work that is not their own.
    Thank you for the wonderful article. My cats and I are all of a certain age so we found it especially interesting.

  7. Not wanting wet dogs in the house, so you walk to a waterfall? Must assume they dry on the walk back.