Sunday, July 10, 2016

Before the big event.

It remains hot. Another 100 degree plus day.

At the little restaurant under the arcades we stop for a coffee. A spaniel comes and sniffs my shoes. It immediately knows it's found a dog owner.

Foie gras macaroons in the bakers.

On the rooftop of a house by the old church a terrace that is opened out to receive the sun rather than narrowed down to block it out.

Bob receives us at his front door with a clear ' where do you think you've been ? ' look.

Too hot to be out in the afternoon sun so dogs and master play throw the furry fox along the upstairs hallway. After that there's time for some rug surfing. Bob could play this all day. Sophie, having had her fill of life in the fast lane, wanders down to the kitchen to support 'The Font' in preparing a chicken for dinner.

Then there's time for a long doze in the library. In the evening a chance to wander across to the village green as the villagers continue their preparations for tonights big match. The depressive physiotherapist finishes playing his accordion at 1:24 and heads home. Apart from the hoot of the owls peace returns to our little corner of paradise.

Life with dogs in deepest, deepest France profonde on the hottest day of the year ( so far ).

This, with a very Russian soundtrack,  is enough to cool anyone down :


  1. Foie gras macaroons - do they sell many? We think we'll settle for a game or two of throw the furry fox, followed by a little gentle rug surfing and finish off with a restorative nap ! Forecast for 33ºC here today.

  2. Please tell us where that wonderful video clip came from.
    Cheers, Gail.

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  4. Chicken should NEVER be prepared unsupervised...

  5. Sunflowers are such a cheering flower, but I don't envy the scorching weather you are having. Sophie takes her responsibilies as The Font's kitchen assistant very seriously.

  6. Bob looks so handsome in front of the colorful pots of flowers. Sophie has a look of 'chicken' determination headed down the hall !!!

  7. in a world gone mad, these gentle, happy days are a blessing.

  8. I'd skip the macaroons. Love the header picture of the two with their stick.

    We woke up to our coldest frost this morning, as you suffer from the heat we are in the coldest portion of the year. Time to start swapping over.

    Julie Q

  9. Rest up for an exciting night ahead.

  10. My favorite time of year on your blog to see the magnificent sunflowers fields in bloom. And your hallway, a perfect place for rug-surfing on any day!

    (PS: I read this evening on Facebook, that KB from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies has had to evacuate their home because of fire.)

  11. Will the warm temperatures stay long? Hopefully you will have some relief!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble