Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beyond words.

Angus is off to Berlin for two days.

The PONs flock is set to shrink.

Sophie recognizes the travelling shoes. Sometimes a dogs face can say more than words ever could.



  1. Aw poor Sophie - at least you'll be back soon. Have a safe trip.
    Sophie looking very 'Digby-ish' in that second pic.

  2. Surely, seeing that face, Angus will have cancelled his travel plans?

  3. Oh dear. Hard for you to leave now. The comfort is the joy in her face when she sees you again.

  4. Spohie looks very fetching, and then I read you are off for two and said "oh no". Have a safe flight.

  5. Aah, but Sophie knows they have some very good sausages in Berlin, and is thought transferring her order for a couple of kilos - hence the look on her sweet face !
    Safe journey, Angus

  6. Productive journey and safe home.
    This presents an opportunity for the long-awaited video of the PONs enjoying the whooshing door at the airport, non?

  7. That look would melt a heart of stone.

  8. Those faces.
    The very worst part of traveling.