Friday, December 16, 2016


They are installing an ice rink outside the market hall. It's going to be a ' Wild West Christmas on ice'.  

The owners of The Happy Days Pub are clearly unimpressed with all the activity and are having a lie in.

 A fine layer of fur is belatedly growing on Sophie's leg.

The mayors secretary decorates the small cypress tree outside the village hall with four strands ( two silver, one gold, one red ) of tinsel. She completes the municipal jollification by hanging three baubles from the bucket mechanism on the communal well.

The three specialists are running late. We arrive at 3:25 for a 3:30 appointment but finally meet them at 3:50. Bobs notes are on a screen for us to see and on each of their i-Pads. You have the feeling they know who this dog is. They review their findings. They want to know what we want for him. Questions answered with patience, grace and kindness. Bells Palsy and hyperthyroidism addressed and on balance dismissed. The inflammation on his spine and holding his head to one side unusual. The ear tests show no sings of a seed in the ear or an infection.

Bob will have a focused CT scan rather than a MRI to look in detail at the 'concerns'. It can't be done there but the surgeon will go to the other hospital with him and do one final ear test if the CT scan warrants it. The scan will be arranged for early January. We leave at 4.20. I try to pay but they refuse and say they happily set aside time for owners who are concerned about their dog.

On the way back in the car we have to admit how impressed we are with the standard of veterinary care and how wonderful it is to have professionals who will take the time to educate and explain. We both feel much happier and much more hopeful. Some things are idiopathic.

On Tuesday Sophie will be back down for her final X-ray.

Both PONs would love to try one of these American delicacies :


  1. You are right - it does seem that idiopathic is the correct term ... I'm praying those wonderful vet will find a cause, and a cure, and that "right quick" "tout de suite"

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for a wonderful outcome for M. Bob. Hopefully some special dinner for him after the trip to the Vet. Bob is loved across the world. If he only knew how special he is to so many people

  3. Your vet service does sound excellent. Perhaps the rest of France could learn from their attitude to customer care...
    But still, it would be good to have an explanation beyond 'idiopathic'
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS My GP once said I had idiopathic chronic rhinitis - in plain English, an always runny nose!

  4. What wonderful vets, and so aware of the concern that all good animal owners show when their babies have problems. Through all this Bob has remained quite unconcerned, hasn't he, every day is just a normal day as far was he's concerned.
    It will be interesting to see how he is once his little sister is back on her feet,
    and into savaging mode and fights for Furry Fox !

  5. Sophie's looking good. Good luck to Bob.
    I suspect neighbors of the "Happy Days" bar are just as happy when it's closed.

  6. You really do live in an "unusual" village!

  7. Compassionate intelligence goes a long way in the medical world.
    Bob is in good hands all the way around.

  8. I make my Golden, Molly the Diva, a little beef meatball made with 93% fat free. Nothing added, in fact, she likes it warm so I submerge it in hot water & the fat escapes, drain and pour meat over kibble, bowl is licked clean. I'm sure the PONS would love it too. :)

  9. Amazing veterinarian specialists! I am keeping my fingers crossed for Bob. Nothing more worrisome than having a pet who's condition is unknown. That happened to our Tor and then our Willow.

    Sophie is looking fantastic! I bet the new growth of fur is super soft.

  10. Thank you for the detailed report on Bob. That you are feeling both more happy and hopeful is reassuring.
    The village decorations are a little on the spare side.

  11. What generous and thoughtful vets. I keep him (and you) in my thoughts. Our vet here is a lovely gentle man too, and he obviously loves animals. I remember a similar vet when we lived in Milton Keynes who was so good and gentle with our diabetic cat. I was sorry that he wasn't on duty the day we had to have her put down...