Saturday, December 3, 2016


Trial and error has taught Sophie that a slightly lopsided position is the most comfortable way of sleeping when wearing two collars. She sleeps in one bed and wedges the collar against the high side of another. I find myself telling her aloud that there's only another four days before the stitches come out and the collar is put away. Sophie is not in the slightest bit upset by the collar or her unusual sleeping position. She's just raring to chase blackbirds.

While little sister sleeps big brother keeps watch.

Loic the heavily bifocaled gardener blows leaves into piles. Bob races around , nose down, scattering the leaves. Loic , being one of Gods 'gentler' souls is gloriously unperturbed by his four footed companions trail of destruction.

Along the lane outside The Rickety Old Farmhouse the leaves from the plane trees have fallen and filled the drainage ditches. Why aren't there any leaves on the tarmac ? 

The little routines of a winter Saturday morning with a diva and her worried brother in deepest, deepest France profonde.


Coppa's girl said...

It's the fact that Sophie is raring to chase blackbirds that keeps her going - that, and looking forwards to a few bouts of savagery by her big brother ! What fun for Bob - nothing better than scattering neatly piled leaves.
Leaves always fall where they're not wanted - just another annoying fact of life.

booahboo said...

She's a real trooper. Bless her lil heart.

Taste of France said...

More power to the heavily bifocaled!
How do you keep the leaves out of the pool? Or how do you keep up with the leaves that go in the pool?
Good luck to Sophie!!!

Angus said...

Leaves in the pool are a thing of the past with our solar powered pool cover. A great investment - spoilt on lsightly by the manufacturers very French attitude to service apres vente ie 'don't bother me'.

Angus said...

Her brother would not be so stoic in the face of discomfort or a change to his routine.

Angus said...

Brother savaging tops the list.

Anonymous said...

Only 4 days until the stitches are removed. Amazing and wonderful how quickly tissue can weave itself back together. She seems to have really taken it on the chin.
Kisses on the nose for the 2 slightly lopsided Pons and much admiration for their owners.

Kari said...

A buoyant soul, our Sophie.
We're counting the moments until she can run freely again and this ordeal becomes a distant memory.

Sheila said...

Another Tuesday in Toulouse for Sophie. Let's hope she soon gets the all-clear to run freely. Keep thinking of that National Champion Greyhound.
Perhaps that creepy mannequin escapes the hardware store in the night with his leaf blower and clears the roadway.

Unknown said...

Loic and Bob are the perfect team and Sophie is a little champ. Lovely picture with the black tree shadows reaching down the lane.

Emm said...

Around here, the passage of traffic creates a draft that blows most of the leaves off the road. How fast are those schoolchildren going when they "Bonjour" to Sophie?
So glad she's on the mend.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Dogs' ideas of comfortable sleeping positions defy imagination.