Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Less cheerful ?

The ladies from the Women's Cooperative are in a surly mood. The uneven eighteenth century walls of The Rickety Old Farmhouse do not lend themselves to the hanging of striped wallpaper.

From his office down below Angus hears language that is decidedly not lady like. The PONs race up and down the stairs to investigate and help. Their presence amidst the buckets of paste does nothing to improve the situation.

The lady with the Rosie the Riveter head wear informs me that it was stupid to order stripes. '' When you have flawed walls you need swirls to divert the eye ". Until this moment in time Angus was unaware he had flawed walls. You live and learn.

Aude and the tobacco chewing lady, sensing the paperers unhappiness, head off to start on the end bedroom. Unbidden, they move the furniture into the hallway. Both ends of the hallway are now clogged with furniture. This gives the house the feel of something between the Adams Family home and a place that an OCD bric a brac collector might live in. The PONs find the mattress that's been laid on the floor excellent for bouncing up and down on.  

Is it my imagination or is the chanting at the 11.00 am meditation session less cheerful than usual ?

I saw this in Walgreens. How cool would it be to have a light show projected on the outside of the house. Or, as the box says ' Showcase you home with Full Color Holiday Slides ! '. Angus is sorely tempted to '' Buy 2 or more for spectacular results ! '. Imagine the reaction of the villagers. People would come from far and wide to marvel.  Why does 'The Font' seem so disinterested in acquiring such a great invention. 

We discover a new word. This fast food restaurant in DC sells '' concretes ". How could we not have tasted a concrete ? 

The ladies of the Women's Cooperative are now a day behind schedule. Not bad considering this will be their third day here. Glacial progress continues. Bob and Sophie love having visitors. Their owners not so much.


WFT Nobby said...

With the wonky crucifx, the year round star at the farm, and now Angus's holiday pics on the walls of the ROH, the Eiffel tower ticket office will be wondering where all the tourists went...
PS Please enlighten us on the contents of a 'concrete' (which is also the name of a town in Washington state).

Lisa in Tokyo said...

I had to look it up, as we are about to get a Shake Shack in our neighborhood in Tokyo. A concrete appears to be very hard soft ice cream (is that even possible?) with various things mixed in. I am sure my daughter will be an early adopter - she may even find it to be serious competition for the Unicorn Freak Shakes she encountered at Maxwells in Covent Garden - (we Americans do not have a monopoly on strange desserts!)

Perhaps you should buy the Star Shower Slide Show as a Christmas gift for the Old Farmer - it would save him trying to climb up on the roof (of course, you'd have to look at it).

Taste of France said...

I agree that the light show gadget is a perfect present for the Old Farmer.
I fear the results of striped wallpaper on crooked walls. It's possible to smooth them, but you need a real pro and a lot of time to apply and dry.

Angus said...

Our snail pace workforce have the time ..... as for the rest ?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...could the solution be to use the outside projector on the inside and bamboozle the eyes away from the imperfections? Never mind concrete - who in their right mind freezes custard FCOL??? YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

I do hope that The ROF isn't blacklisted by the Woman's Cooperative in future.
Perhaps you should have bought two light shows after all, one for the Old Farmer (I can imagine the delight on his face when you explain what it's for !) and one for yourselves, just in case the striped wallpaper doesn't live up to expectations.
At least the PONs are enjoying themselves on the mattress.

Swan said...

Reminds me of an episode of “I Love Lucy” where she and Ethel wall papered the bedroom in striped paper..��

Unknown said...

The decorating dilemmas lose significance when compared to having a bouncing mattress in the hall for Bob and Sophie.
Surely when all is done it must remain as a permanent feature.

Clicky Needles said...

You definitely should get some projectors, they are taking off big time in the UK.